Ingenico Move 2600 Quick Reference Guide

Ingenico Move 2600 Quick Reference Guide

The Move 2600 is a compact terminal unit featuring a 2.4-inch LCD, a keyboard with large keys and a backlight for easier use in the dark, an easy-loading printer, a tap-and-pay option, a smart card reader, and a magnetic stripe reader. With the Ingenico Move 2600, you can securely and swiftly handle payments on the go, accepting all payment methods. Its features include optimization for seamless contactless payments, assured functionality with excellent connectivity, and a long-lasting battery, making it a robust, affordable, and functional device catering to the daily needs of merchants.

Weighing in at just 254g, this lightweight terminal is a top-level security solution with PCI PTS V6 compliance and contactless EMV v3 certification.

Features Of Ingenico Move 2600

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Features Of Ingenico Move 2600

  • Streamlined Checkout Process

The AXIUM EX4000 is meticulously engineered to transform the checkout experience, prioritizing speed and efficiency. Its adaptability shines through with support for multiple alternative payment methods, providing businesses with a versatile solution to meet diverse customer preferences. This commitment results in an optimized and expedited checkout experience, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Payment Flexibility

At the heart of this cutting-edge terminal is a designated contactless zone, enabling swift and secure contactless transactions. Complemented by a spacious keypad and display, users experience a highly intuitive interface that promotes accuracy during payment processing. The amalgamation of these features ensures seamless interactions, minimizes errors, and elevates customer satisfaction to new heights.

  • Compact and Powerful Design

The AXIUM EX4000, despite its compact size, stands as a powerful payment solution catering to both in-store and on-the-move transactions. Its portability provides businesses with flexibility, allowing them to accept payments anytime, anywhere, thereby expanding their operational capabilities.

  • Versatile Card Reader Options

Equipped with a magnetic card reader, smart card functionality, and contactless capabilities, the AXIUM EX4000 covers a broad spectrum of payment methods. This comprehensive approach ensures businesses can cater to a diverse customer base, fostering inclusivity and adaptability in payment processing.

  • Robust Connectivity

Featuring Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, complemented by fallback options to 2G and 3G, the AXIUM EX4000 guarantees reliable and continuous network access. This crucial feature empowers businesses to process payments seamlessly, regardless of their location or network conditions.

  • Eco-Friendly Design

Aligned with eco-conscious principles, the AXIUM EX4000 incorporates an eco-design to minimize its carbon footprint. This commitment extends to using components with low power consumption and incorporating renewable and recycled materials. By adopting sustainable practices, the terminal aligns with environmentally friendly initiatives.

  • Unparalleled Security Measures

Security precedes the AXIUM EX4000, adhering to PCI PTS v6 standards for robust data protection. Businesses can further enhance privacy through an optional PCI-compliant privacy shield. The TETRA vault design ensures physical protection, fortifying the security of sensitive data.

  • Optimized Autonomy

Built to handle business operations throughout the day, the AXIUM EX4000 ensures optimized autonomy. Supported by Ingenico’s suite of services encompassing fleet management, security solutions, hardware services, and professional services, businesses can rely on the AXIUM EX4000 for sustained and uninterrupted performance.

Understanding The Usage Instructions Of Ingenico Move 2600

  • Before utilizing the terminal, always verify the presence of the paper roll and ensure the battery is connected. The printer and 4G connectivity will be unavailable without the connected battery pack.
  • To power off the terminal, simultaneously press the yellow and cancel keys for one second. If the battery is depleted and the terminal is removed from its base, it will automatically shut off.
  • To restart the terminal, simply press the validation key on the keyboard.
  • For reading a magnetic stripe card, position the card with the stripe on top of the terminal (visible to the user) and use regular movement to guarantee a reliable card reading.
Understanding The Usage Instructions Of Ingenico Move 2600

Different Ways To Accept Card Payments With Ingenico Move 2600

1. Magnetic Stripe Card Reading

Use Link 2500 to read magnetic stripe cards easily. It offers consumers a customizable and user-friendly interface. The stripe on top ensures maximum visibility while swiping from left to right or right to left. For a dependable card reading experience, use deliberate, regular movements to avoid

2. Smart Card Insertion Protocol

For intelligent card transactions, follow a straightforward protocol guiding users to insert the card with the chip facing horizontally upwards. Maintaining this consistent orientation throughout the transaction ensures smooth communication with the terminal.

3. Contactless Card Interaction

Get the most out of payment processing with the user-friendly design and easy-to-use method of the Link 2500’s contactless card functionality. Cardholders are directed to bring the card firmly into the active zone, ensuring proximity to the reader throughout the transaction. Four virtual LEDs on the terminal provide visual cues, enhancing user awareness during the contactless transaction.

Installation and Troubleshooting Guidelines

To install the system, adhere to the recommendations outlined in the user guide. Establish a connection to the electrical mains network using the USB-C connector for the PSU.  If you encounter any issues with the product, consult the troubleshooting section in the user guide. Here are some common issues and recommended actions:

  • Magnetic Strip Concerns: Ensure the magnetic strip is undamaged, ungrooved, and uncracked.
  • Smart Card Usage: Confirm the correct insertion of the smart card into the intelligent card reader. Remove the card after the transaction is completed.
  • Ticket Printing Issues: Verify that the paper roll is positioned correctly. Make any necessary adjustments to the paper roll by consulting the handbook, and make sure thermal paper is used. Additionally, remember to make sure the thermal paper-sensitive side is oriented correctly.
  • Battery Connection: Ensure the battery pack is correctly connected.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the respective sections in the user guide.

Installation and Troubleshooting Guidelines


The Ingenico Move 2600 payment processing solution combines compactness with robustness. It has a user design and versatile features that revolutionize payments. Its checkout process, payment options, and small yet powerful design make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve their operations. The card reader options are highly adaptable, offering connectivity and a focus on sustainability. Additionally, the Move 2600 ensures security measures and optimized autonomy, making it a comprehensive solution for all payment needs.

Following the setup instructions, including proper battery connection and adherence to card reading guidelines, is crucial to ensure usage. The various methods available for accepting card payments demonstrate the terminal’s adaptability. Guarantee an experience for customers using different payment methods.

The Move 2600 goes above and beyond by providing installation instructions and troubleshooting guidelines. This prioritizes user convenience. Addresses any issues that may arise during payment processing. As a result, merchants can rely on this terminal to offer hassle transactions.

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