Ingenico Lane 5000 LE

Ingenico Lane 5000 LE Quick Reference Guide

The Ingenico Lane 5000 LE is a customer-facing device with a vibrant color touchscreen, signature capture feature, and support for EMV chip, NFC contactless, and magnetic stripe payments. Through a wired Ethernet connection to the cloud-based terminal service, this device ensures secure transactions with a potent combination of EMV technology and P2P encryption, meeting PCI compliance standards.

Featuring a spacious touchscreen display within a compact consumer-facing terminal, the Ingenico Lane 5000 LE streamlines the checkout process, incorporating electronic signature capabilities and enhancing NFC acceptance. Tailored for the most demanding retail environments, it offers an advanced solution for efficient and secure transactions.

Features Of Ingenico Lane 5000 LE

Powerful Processor with Extended Memory:

At the core of its functionality, the Lane 5000 LE is fortified with an advanced operating system, Telium TETRA, though it notably lacks HTML5 support. Delving into its internal specifications, this terminal packs a punch with internal and external memory capabilities. Internally, it houses 512 MB of Flash and 512 MB of RAM, ensuring smooth and efficient processing. For expanded storage, external memory support includes compatibility with Micro SD cards, offering an impressive capacity of up to 32 GB.

Featuring Cortex A7 architecture, the Lane 5000 LE guarantees powerful processing and a secure environment for seamless transaction handling.

Features Of Ingenico Lane 5000 LE

Security Features:

A paramount concern in the design of the Lane 5000 LE is security. This is evident through the inclusion of a privacy shield, PCI PTS certification, PCI certification, and PCI PTS 6.x online & offline certification. Collectively, these robust security measures underscore the terminal’s dedication to safeguarding data privacy and transaction security. The terminal offers three Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Application Module (SAM) options to enhance security further, fortifying its capability to protect sensitive data during transactions.

Various Modes Of Payment Acceptance:

The versatility of the Lane 5000 LE shines through its multiple card reader options. Supporting Magstripe, Smart Card, and Contactless capabilities, it adheres to ISO 1/2/3 standards. Impressively, Magstripe and EMV Level 1 boasts an exceptional lifespan of 500,000 cycles.

Adding a layer of functionality, an optional 0.3-megapixel camera with a QR code library is embedded in the terminal, facilitating convenient QR code scanning.

Better Display:

The terminal’s display is a visual delight, featuring a vibrant 3.5-inch color screen with backlighting. The QVGA resolution of 320×480 pixels ensures clarity and detailed visibility for users.

The device offers resistive and capacitive touchscreen options to cater to diverse preferences. The touchscreen supports interaction with both fingers and styluses, with varying lifespan options for signatures.

Strong Terminal Connectivity:

Ensuring reliable and stable connectivity, the Lane 5000 LE offers wired connectivity through Ethernet 10/100 base T. Many connection options further enhance its adaptability, including USB, Serial, USB Host, 2nd USB Host, USB Slave, and 1 RS232. This flexibility caters to diverse needs and configurations, ensuring seamless integration with various systems.

Great Power Supply:

The Lane 5000 LE is designed to adapt to different operational environments with its varied power supply options.

The terminal ensures flexibility in power sources by supporting Powered USB, Powered Ethernet, Powered RS232, 12V (USB retail), External Power Supply, PoE 802.3af compliance, and 12V. Weighing 350 grams (12.3 ounces), it balances portability and sturdiness, making it an ideal choice for a range of settings.

How Do You Set Up the Ingenico Lane 5000 LE?

Set Up the Ingenico Lane 5000 LE

Powering the Terminal:

The initial steps for setting up the Ingenico Lane 5000 LE involve ensuring a stable power connection. Once unboxed, locate the power supply connector and seamlessly plug it into the dedicated jack on the Multipoint Interface Cable.

Multipoint Interface Cable Connection:

The core connectivity of the Lane 5000 LE is established through the Multipoint Interface Cable. Effortlessly connect this cable to the designated Multipoint Port located on the underside of the terminal.

Ethernet Connection:

For comprehensive connectivity, the next step involves connecting the other end of the Multipoint Interface Cable to an Ethernet port. This can be a modem, router, wall jack, or any other Ethernet-enabled source.

Power Supply Adapter Integration:

To ensure uninterrupted functionality, plug the power supply adapter into an available power outlet.

Optional Stylus Attachment:

Enhancing user interaction, the Lane 5000 LE provides the option to attach a stylus to the device. This can be achieved using the provided two-sided tape for secure and convenient placement. While optional, the stylus proves valuable for scenarios where touchscreen interaction is preferred or required.

How Do You Connect The Ingenico Lane 5000 LE?

Connect The Ingenico Lane 5000 LE

Initialization Process:

Upon supplying power to the Ingenico Lane 5000 LE, the terminal initiates the crucial initialization process.

IP Address Establishment:

The terminal carefully determines its IP address after receiving electricity. This crucial component makes sure that the Lane 5000 LE is recognized specifically on the network, enabling safe data transmission and communication. The terminal attempts to connect to the terminal service after the IP address has been successfully set.

Display of Connection Status:

Once the connection attempt is complete, the device immediately transmits its current state. The Lane 5000 LE shows the comforting word “Connected” with pride after a successful connection. This visual confirmation lets you know that transactions can be completed at the terminal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On the other hand, the Lane 5000 LE is transparent in communicating its status if the connection attempt fails. An instant alert that reads “Disconnected” prompts the user to troubleshoot and fix any connectivity problems.

Device Readiness for Use:

In the event of a successful connection, the Ingenico Lane 5000 LE stands poised and ready for use. Its display confirms the connected status, signifying the device’s preparedness to facilitate transactions seamlessly. At this point, users have the flexibility to keep the device powered on indefinitely or disconnect it from power as needed, providing convenience and adaptability to operational preferences.

Different Ways You Can Use A Card Using Ingenico Lane 5000 LE

The Lane 5000 LE is designed for manual card insertion to ensure optimal results during card reading. The process involves inserting the card into the reader with the magnetic stripe facing the terminal’s main body. A continuous motion from the rear to the front is recommended for the best outcome. It is crucial to note that, during this process, the magnetic stripe should be oriented towards the Lane 5000 LE display screen, as detailed in the guidelines for swiping a magnetic stripe card.

Swiping a Magnetic Stripe Card

When swiping a magnetic stripe card, it is imperative to maintain a constant speed, avoiding extremes of slowness or rapidity. This measured approach optimizes the reading efficiency of the card. The user should take care to slide the card through the reader with a smooth and controlled motion, ensuring the magnetic stripe is precisely aligned with the Lane 5000 LE display screen.

Chip Card Insertion

For chip cards, insertion into the terminal requires careful attention to the correct orientation. The chip should be facing upwards, aligning with the illustrated guide into the card reader. This ensures seamless and accurate processing of chip-enabled transactions.

Contactless Card Processing

To utilize the contactless feature, users need to position the card in the active zone located above the contactless logo, maintaining a proximity of approximately 1 cm. During the transaction, keeping the card close to the contactless logo is advised. This approach ensures the swift and secure completion of contactless transactions.


The Ingenico Lane 5000 LE emerges as a sophisticated and adaptable customer-facing payment solution. Its advanced features, including a vibrant touchscreen, robust security measures, and versatile payment options, make it an invaluable asset for efficient and secure transactions in diverse retail environments.

The device’s powerful processor, comprehensive security features, and multiple payment acceptance modes demonstrate its commitment to providing a seamless and secure payment experience. The setup process, well-detailed in the guide, ensures an easy and effective installation, while the connectivity options and varied power supply sources enhance its adaptability to different operational settings.

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