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FluentStream Technologies

FluentStream Technologies was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing businesses with new telecommunications flexibility and pushing the boundaries in price and performance of telecom solutions. This innovative drive has positioned FluentStream as a leader in cloud-based telecom services.

In addition to innovative thinking regarding the telecommunications industry FluentStream also offers a wide range of custom applications and communications integration strategies for businesses and software vendors. This forward thinking strategy has allowed their team to solve difficult business problems for their customers.

Even with all of the unique solutions in their arsenal, the most important that they deliver is their dedication to superior customer service. Their team of customer support rockstars go the extra mile to ensure that issues, while rare, are taken care of with the highest priority. This attention to detail in the customer experience is what caught the attention of Host Merchant Services. This common theme to go above and beyond the “standard” level of customer care is rare among businesses nowadays.

FluentStream uses solutions that work over IP (internet protocol) that deliver fast, reliable and flexible delivery of your phone systems. IP phone solutions offer many different solutions such as digital multi-line VOIP phones, softphones and smartphone applications. Softphones mimic physical phones but are operated through a GUI on a computer workstation. This allows users to place and receive calls when and wherever they have a computer and an internet connection.

In addition to flexible phone solutions, FluentStream offers many value add features as well. These cutting edge features include an auto attendant for directing calls to the right place, without the need to hire another employee just to channel calls. Users also have the ability to record calls to the cloud and also receive their voicemail directly to their email inbox. These cutting edge offerings and many more differentiate FluentStream from the competition that may only offer a few or none of these value adding features.

The partnership of Host Merchant Services and FluentStream benefits customers of both companies in ways that combine IP solutions and credit card processing. By utilizing both companies, a business can completely eliminate the need for having analog phone lines. HMS can provide merchants with IP credit card processing terminals or virtual terminals.

About FluentStream Technologies

FluentStream is an experienced company with the knowledge, relationships, and expertise to successfully implement a solution to meet your needs. Our relationships with managed solution providers allow for the flexibility to leverage best-of-class resources while keeping the core team nimble, cost-effective, and client driven. Most importantly, you’ll love our 100% US-based support’s responsiveness 24x7x365.

To learn more about FluentStream Technologies please visits: http://www.fluentstream.com

About Host Merchant Services
Host Merchant Services is different type of merchant services company which focuses on delivering the industry’s lowest processing rates while providing industry-leading service and support. The company’s products include merchant services and credit card processing. Host Merchant Services is the only merchant services company that guarantees unsurpassed pricing, support, and customer service. The company is headquartered in Newark, Delaware and executes all operations with the manifesto of “great service, great rates, great people”.

To learn more about Host Merchant Services please go to: https://www.hostmerchantservices.com.

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