Clover Go Card Reader Review

Clover Go Card Reader Review 2024

When it comes to modern POS solutions, the Clover Go card reader stands out for business owners on the move. This handy device enables you to accept payments anytime and anywhere, making it a great fit for various setups like pop-up shops, food trucks, or personal services businesses.

However, you might be wondering if the Clover Go is the right choice for your specific business needs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make that decision! Below, we will break down everything you need to know about the Clover Go, one of the primary POS options offered by Clover.

Introduction To Clover Go

Clover Go is this handy little device that reads credit cards and comes with a mobile app from Fiserv. It’s a lot like the Square Reader, but it’s made for taking payments with wireless and chip options. With Clover Go, you can turn pretty much any smartphone or tablet into a way to take payments and place orders.

Introduction To Clover Go

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Getting started with it is simple. After picking a plan and signing up for an account, all a merchant needs to do is download the Clover app and connect the device to their phone or tablet. Clover has a bunch of products for merchants to use when people are buying things, and this little gadget has some real perks.

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The device itself is small and easy to carry around, and you can use it with Wi-Fi or your cell service on pretty much any iOS or Android gadget. You can take all kinds of payments with it. You can take payment when people use their phones to pay, or when they want to use their card, or even when they swipe it – It is versatile. Clover Go makes sure all your sales data gets synced up on the Clover web dashboard.

That means if you’re also using something like a Clover Station, all your business info is in one place. It’s a really great option for individuals and SMEs who are just getting started.

A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Clover Go

As like every product out there, everything is perfect. Here are some pros and cons of Clover Go that you should consider before considering the purchase:

Pros Of Clover Go

Easy Wireless Connection: You can connect the Clover Go to your phone or tablet without any hassle using Bluetooth.  

Digital Receipts: Keep your customers happy by giving them the choice to receive their receipts through email or text.

Flexible Tips & Taxes: You can set your own tip percentages and manage different tax rates for your products.

Comprehensive Security: Built-in Clover Security keeps your customers, business, and reputation safe from fraud.

Simple Processing Fee: The flat-rate processing fee offers predictability for businesses working on a tight budget. It simplifies monthly accounting as you know the standard price for each transaction.

Insightful Reports: Understanding your business data is key to making smart decisions. The Clover system lets you find information about your busiest times, popular items, and other important trends.

Cons Of Clover Go

Pricing Comparison: Clover Go is not the most affordable option out there. It’s a bit pricier than Square’s solution. The only advantage is its ability to handle more payment types in one device.

Limited Mobile Features: Clover Go doesn’t offer the same functionality as some of Clover’s other products. While this might not be a deal-breaker for mobile processing, it means you miss out on some of the features available with other Clover products.

Clover Go Features

4.2 Stars

The core purpose of Clover Go is payment processing, and its capabilities in this crucial area matter greatly to most merchants. Here’s why Clover Go is essential:

Clover Go Features

 FSF (Fast, Smart, and Flexible)

Whether your customer prefers an EMV chip, tap-to-go option, or swipe payments, a Clover Go system can handle it all, ensuring you get paid quickly. It might be small, but it’s packed with valuable insights for businesses, sales reporting, and much more.

The Clover Go card reader gives you the best software and hardware solutions that can grow alongside your evolving business.

Versatile Payment Options

Clover Go offers businesses the flexibility they need in a POS system. It supports a wide range of payment methods and card types. A small business can rely on Clover Go as its main POS solution. But it can also team up with other Clover POS systems.

This means that merchants can easily adapt their payment setup for special occasions like sidewalk sales or trade shows.

Robust Security

Security is paramount in digital financial transactions, making both POS hardware and software protection crucial. In Clover Go, tamper-detecting sensors send alerts and limit functionality to prevent PIN theft, adding an extra layer of security.

Clover’s POS system employs Transarmor protection, ensuring end-to-end encryption and tokenization of financial transactions. To tackle any potential software-related safety concerns, Clover Go automatically receives updates. Opting for a product with high-security measures provides both business owners and customers with peace of mind.

Offline Services

A notable advantage of Clover Go is its capability to process transactions even when there’s no internet connection. While other POS systems usually require a live cloud connection, Clover Go can read the card offline and attempt processing once the connection is restored (though there’s a risk of transaction failure).

Item Descriptions

When it comes to item descriptions, it’s pretty straightforward. You can easily view and modify an item’s name, price, category, tax rate, and more. Previously, creating items was limited to the Clover dashboard, but now you can create custom items directly from the app.

These items can be added to your inventory from either the New Sale screen or the Inventory screen. It’s also good to note that Clover now supports variable pricing and pricing per unit, which wasn’t available in earlier versions.

New Sale

Like many other mobile POS systems, Clover Go has a quick-pay mode. In the New Sale tab, you can ring up items by selecting them from your inventory list or by manually entering a custom item and its price. Customers can conveniently sign up for their purchase right on your device’s screen.

Card Scanner and Dashboard Features

In case the card readers aren’t functioning, you can utilize your device’s camera to scan the card instead of manually typing in the details. Within your Clover Go mobile dashboard (different from the web dashboard), you can easily update your business details, keep track of your bi-weekly sales, and add or edit employees’ data.

Additional Features

Moreover, it allows you to track all the cash payments, process payments, accept tips, add taxes and all discounts, manage refunds, and seamlessly track sales from your dashboard, which is easily accessible.

Additionally, it permits the creation of new accounts for employees with customizable permissions, going beyond what the competition brands are offering as standard.

Integrations Of Clover Go

3.8 Stars

Integrating with Clover Go is made easy by Host Merchant Services, understanding that some businesses need extra flexibility. This helps merchants and developers make the most of their POS System by connecting seamlessly with other important tools.

Here are some ways you can integrate:

  • Full Integration: The hardware of the Clover Go can support custom POS software as an app. This is perfect if you want to build your own POS.
  • Hybrid Integration: You can also go for a hybrid integration model. For instance, you might create an app for handling the user interface, inventory, and orders while the Clover app takes care of payment processing.
  • Clover BYOD: You can effortlessly use it with your Android or iOS devices to accept mobile payments. It’s a great option for small or medium-sized businesses getting started with Clover.
  • Process: Clover has made the integration process simpler by providing all the necessary software tools with the Clover Go App. This means third-party applications can work directly with the SDK of Clover Go.

Hardware And Accessories of Clover Go

3.8 Stars

While Clover Go serves as a handy device alongside a fixed POS system for easy card payments, its compatibility with other equipment is somewhat limited. However, there are some important hardware components that could work with it.

The reader can be easily placed in the Stand from Clover Go, which not only serves as a secure holder but also functions like a charger. Additionally, you have the option of using a Belt Clip and Holster by Clover Go for convenient and secure portability.

Regarding the app, it can easily connect with Air printers or any Google printer around its range. However, a complete list of all the compatible printers is not out there, so you might need to explore different options to find one that works seamlessly with these wireless technologies.

One notable advantage of this card reader is its seamless integration with your account and, consequently, your existing Clover POS systems, making it an appealing choice for existing Clover users.

Clover GoA Micro USB cable for charging, and one Go Device is included $49
Clover DockFor easy and contactless access$29

Pricing Structure And Other Charges

4.0 Stars

The cost you incur per transaction remains consistent, regardless of the card type the buyers are using, whether it’s Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or Discover. Several factors determine your rate:

  • Business Type: This depends on whether you primarily receive payments from buyers or other businesses.
  • Card Presence: Whether your customer is using the card by swiping  with a physical card or manually putting in the details during the transaction.
  • Monthly Transaction Volume: The total sales volume and number of transactions done by a card.

As your company’s sales increase, the rate may be bound to increase and vice versa, if the sales volume decreases, the interest rate will decrease that month. Additionally, there are no charges for monthly minimums, early cancellation fees, or application fees.

For B2C fees, which typically apply to merchants like retailers, restaurants, businesses, and practitioners that mainly accept consumer payments, here are the processing charges for Clover:

  • 2.60% + an additional $0.15 for swipe, chip, and tap-to-pay transactions.
  • 3.40% + an additional $0.15 for keyed-in or phone transactions.

Software Options

There are two software options for the Clover Go Card reader mainly – Payments and Essential. Here’s a lookout for each plan’s pricing and their particular offering:

Plan TypePricingKey Features
Essential$49 + an additional 14.95 per monthTrack your stock for all the products.Seamless Integration with your existing software.Detailed reports of your sale for your tax filingMaintain your customer database easily
Payments$49Real-time tracking of all the sales.Access to all the basic sales reportsSchedule and manage employee shifts.

Customer Support Of Clover Go Card Reader

3.5 Star

When it comes to seeking support for Clover Go, there’s a dedicated 24/7 phone line available for assistance. However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported less-than-ideal experiences with phone support, so it’s something to consider before reaching out.

For self-service support, Clover provides tailored online knowledge bases designed specifically for Clover users depending on their hardware and software plan. This resource is highly beneficial for addressing most questions about features and common usage. Additionally, there are a number of helpful videos and tutorials for on YouTube by the Clover team.

While Clover maintains a presence on social media and runs a blog, it’s important to mention that these platforms are not solely dedicated to Clover Go.

Businesses That Can Enjoy The Amazing Benefits Of Clover Go The Most

Here are some businesses that can benefit a lot from the Clover Go card reader:

  • Pop-up Stores

Think of a pop-up shop as a short-term store. Businesses use them to sell stuff beyond their usual shop. Often, these shops can be found in high-traffic zones like malls, busy roads, or city centers to catch more shoppers.

To handle payments at these pop-up shops, sellers count on Clover Go. It’s fast and easy to use, boosting sales and income. Clover Go helps businesses that set up in short-term spots. With Clover Go, sellers can’t accept phone payments, cards, or even smartwatch payments easily. This choice means shoppers can pay differently at a pop-up shop with Clover Go’s dependable tech.

  • Food Trucks

Clover Flex changes the game for food trucks. It’s an all-in-one payment solution, which means less hassle and happier customers. With Clover Go, payments are manageable; now, food truck owners can take credit cards, debit cards, and most P2P and wallet payments.

This versatile little device makes payments quick and safe. By using Clover Go, food truck owners can serve more different types of customers with their preferred mode of payment. Plus, its compact nature makes it easy for the food truck owner to handle it efficiently while hustling on the side.

  • Contractors

Apart from pop-up stores and food trucks, Clover Go is the ideal solution for contractors. It’s a mobile POS system designed just for them. As many contractors are always on the move, working and taking projects non-stop – they can’t be bothered with old, bulky POS. Clover Go solves this. Now, they can take payments anywhere, anytime.

The brilliance is in how easily it does business. With Clover Go readers, they can accept payment right away without waiting for checks after sending an Invoice. No more chasing late payments; Clover Go puts contractors in charge of their money.


Overall – 3.9 stars

Clover Go offers a reliable and efficient solution for small businesses seeking versatile payment options. With its comprehensive security features, intuitive interface, and offline capabilities, it stands out as a viable choice for merchants. Despite certain integration limitations and mixed customer support reviews, its value is undeniable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Clover Go have a monthly fee?

    Yes, there is a $14.95 monthly fee per Clover Go account. Additional charges for devices will be applicable if the account includes Clover Flex, Clover Mini, or Clover Station products.

  2. Is Clover Go a secure option?

    Absolutely, all payments are encrypted, and each Clover device holds PCI certification, ensuring utmost security for your customers’ payments.

  3. Is Clover a suitable choice for small businesses?

    Certainly, Clover is an excellent option if you’re a small business that is expanding and requires efficient management of multiple employees, inventory, and customer data.

  4. What are the transaction fees for Clover Go?

    Clover Go applies standard transaction fees based on the transaction type. For the tap and chip-in transactions, it’s 2.6% plus an additional $0.10, while the keyed-in transactions can cost you 3.5% plus an additional $0.10.

  5. What is the battery capacity of Clover Go?

    The Clover Go utilizes a Micro USB for charging and connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth® for payments. The estimated battery life is approximately 160 dips or 130 contactless transactions per charge.

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