Host Merchant Services is a leading reseller of the payment gateway.  Whether you are looking to get setup with a new account, maintain your existing account, or switch providers to lower your costs, Host Merchant Services is the ideal choice. With Host Merchant Services, Authorize.Net also provides additional merchant solutions to help your business grow. You can purchase any of the following value-adding products to enhance your Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account.

Automated Recurring Billing™         (ARB)

ARB is a convenient and powerful tool for managing recurring transactions such as subscriptions or installment payments. ARB’s flexible features enhance customer service and build customer loyalty, while reducing authorization declines and overall administrative costs.

Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™  (AFDS)

AFDS is a customizable, rules-based fraud detection system that provides e-commerce merchants with powerful filters and tools to identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions.  Customize AFDS to match your business needs.

Customer Information Manager (CIM)

Store sensitive payment data on our secure servers, potentially simplifying your compliance with the Payment  Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as well as the payments process for returning customers and recurring transactions. Manage customer profiles and issue transactions manually from within the Merchant Interface or from      your website  or application using  the CIM API. The hosted CIM option further alleviates the scope and complexity of PCI DSS compliance by establishing a hosted connection with Authorize.Net that allows the exchange of sensitive data to occur completely on our secure servers. Your customers can enter sensitive data   directly onto  Authorize.Net-hosted page without leaving your website.


Accept electronic check payments directly from websites or through the Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal.  You can also convert paper checks into electronic payments. By accepting electronic checks, you expand the payment options available to new and existing customers, potentially increasing revenues.

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