NMI Payments – NMI Launches an Embedded Payments Platform for ISOs

Posted: February 28, 2024 | Updated: February 28, 2024

NMI, a provider of embedded payments solutions, recently launched NMI Payments, a comprehensive solution designed for software companies, ISOs, and payment professionals. This platform seamlessly integrates into existing applications and payment solutions, offering a flexible and modular approach to expedite and streamline payment processes. The focus is on enabling partners to efficiently manage the entire merchant and client payment life-cycle.

By optimizing and automating payment procedures, merchants can undergo a swift onboarding process, becoming ready to accept payments within minutes.

Furthermore, NMI partners enjoy the flexibility of choosing from various processors and shopping cart options, directly embedding them into their applications. This adaptability allows partners to tailor these capabilities according to the specific needs of their merchants. The modular design ensures quick scalability as business requirements evolve. Partners also have the option to white label or embed payments, granting them control over their brand and product throughout the payment process.

Key Takeaways
  • NMI Payments, an embedded solution for software companies and ISOs, was launched by NMI, ensuring it can be integrated into applications with priority given to a modular approach for effective payment life-cycle management.
  • With NMI Payments, merchant onboarding is streamlined, thus enabling business process optimization, resulting in payment acceptance within minutes. Suitable for software vendors and ISO seeking EASY payment integration to current systems.
  • NMI Payments sets itself apart in offering unprecedented merchant engagement. In this case, partners have options of choosing processors and shopping cart options thereby customizing the experience. The modular design also supports quick scaling while allowing white-label payments for partners.
  • Aimed at creators and consumers, NMI Payments helps to make transactions flow effortlessly across different channels. It has a reliable payment gateway that guarantees secure transactions and complies with NMI’s vision of providing comprehensive payment functionality.

NMI Unveils NMI Payments: A Game-Changer for Embedded Payment Solutions

NMI Payments

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NMI has introduced a new embedded payments solution named NMI Payments. This innovative offering is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing applications and payment solutions, providing a modular and flexible approach to payments. This development empowers partners to manage the entire merchant and client payment lifecycle efficiently.

The creation of NMI Payments stemmed from the necessity to provide software vendors and ISOs with a simplified method to integrate payment processing into their existing systems. Through automating and optimizing payment processes, underwriting, and workflows, NMI Payments ensures swift merchant onboarding, allowing businesses to accept payments within minutes.

NMI Payments sets itself apart from others by offering unmatched merchant management and processing abilities. It incorporates a wide range of services within a singular platform, covering enrollment, risk assessment, and transaction handling. The system’s changeable architecture, combined with having the choice between distinct transaction handlers and shopping cart integrations, allows partners the freedom to customize the payment experience according to each merchant’s particular demands.

Furthermore, the means to private label or integrate payments guarantees that partners maintain authority over their brand throughout the entire payment procedure. The platform streamlines many aspects of merchant operations into a single solution, making it more convenient for partners to oversee multiple accounts. Partners can also tailor the onboarding and settings configuration to fit each merchant’s unique business model. This high degree of control and customization sets NMI Payments apart from other providers by catering to the specific circumstances of each partner and merchant.

Crafted with careful thought for both the creators and the final users, NMI Payments allows smooth and simple transactions across multiple avenues, whether that be online purchasing, in-person shopping, in-app buys, mobile commerce, or unmanned machine payments. The platform’s strong payment gateway guarantees protected, hassle-free, and dependable exchanges.

Vijay Sondhi, the CEO of NMI, emphasized the company’s mission to provide partners with comprehensive payment capabilities, from signup to payout, all accomplished within minutes. By effectively managing risk, optimizing monetization, and offering revenue-sharing models, NMI can support partners at any stage of their payment journey, irrespective of the business’s size or expertise. The introduction of NMI Payments underscores their commitment to delivering exceptional value through flexibility, modularity, and choice, ensuring that partners have the necessary tools to thrive and expand in the continually evolving realm of payments.

NMI offers developers a wide range of application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs), along with a developer portal containing code examples, reference documentation, and an interactive ‘Try It’ tool. This assistance aims to enable developers to effortlessly incorporate payment options into their apps, subsequently enhancing consumers’ payment experiences and cultivating new income prospects for software businesses.

The company understands developing payment solutions requires significant effort, and therefore, its goal is to reduce barriers through comprehensive documentation and hands-on resources that simplify integrating world-class payment functionality. Whether building a web, mobile, or custom solution, NMI’s support equips programmers with everything needed to focus on creating great user experiences without struggles integrating safe and fast transactions.

Recent research reveals that 65% of ISVs and marketplaces lacking payment capabilities are intending to integrate embedded financial products for payment acceptance within the next year. This strategic decision aligns them with the majority of their peers, around 75%, who already possess payment capabilities but have plans to enhance their integrated financial products by 2024.

It’s also noteworthy that over 80% of ISVs anticipate a significant increase in revenue from payment acceptance in the upcoming months, highlighting a high level of confidence in payment providers among industry professionals. This trend signifies a growing acknowledgment of the importance of offering seamless and secure payment solutions as part of overall business strategies aimed at driving growth and ensuring customer satisfaction.

About NMI

NMI Unveils NMI Payments: A Game-Changer for Embedded Payment Solutions

NMI is a payment technology company that offers a fantastic solution for VARs, ISOs, payment facilitators, and ISVs to establish their own branded payment gateway services without the need to develop or manage their technology infrastructure. NMI has a team of software engineers who are great at what they do. They have created a security-focused and feature-rich omni-channel platform that partners can integrate seamlessly into their operations. With this platform, partners can deliver some of the best payment processing capabilities under their own branding.

For over a decade, NMI has played a leading role in the embedded payments industry. Each year, they securely process over $200 billion in transactions for merchants worldwide. Their expertise lies within their advanced payment technology and a full suite of merchant services. Services include account setup, underwriting, onboarding, and ongoing support. With a commitment to helping partners succeed, NMI makes transactions simple for customers. They work to create payment experiences where customers face no obstacles. Whether buying online, in stores, on phones, or at unattended kiosks – NMI ensures people can pay however and wherever they want with unmatched ease and options. Through modular solutions tailored to different needs, NMI champions payments that are seamless and convenient.


NMI’s new embedded payments platform makes payment processing easier for ISOs and software companies. It can be easily integrated with existing applications, thus adaptable and modifiable. In this way, the partners have full control of the merchant payment lifecycle from sign-up to payouts in a more efficient manner. Merchants can benefit from quick integration times that enable them to accept payments within minutes. The partners also have flexibility in designing the experience and scalability through modular design, which is why they can even white-label payments for complete brand control.

To facilitate secured transactions across multiple channels, it enables secure transactions between creators and consumers.

Moreover, NMI strongly supports developers by providing seamless integration functionality for safe and fast transaction capabilities. This coincides perfectly with the trend in the industry where ISOs adopt embedded financial products for higher revenues and customer satisfaction. For example, NMI Payments empowers partners to succeed in changing the payment environment.

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