Tablet POS Systems in 2023

Guide to Best Tablet POS Systems in 2024

Posted: June 5, 2023 | Updated: February 27, 2024

A point of sale or POS system is crucial software for businesses that rely on transactions, such as restaurants, retail stores, bars, and food truck vendors. POS systems track sales, manage inventory, process payments, capture customer data, and provide key metrics and insights to help optimize operations. In this comprehensive guide to the best tablet POS systems in 2024 we will dive into some key features and benefits.

While early POS systems consisted of bulky hardware modules, today’s options are fully mobile or tablet-based POS platforms. Using a tablet as the POS interface allows for increased flexibility, mobility, and integration possibilities. Staff can seamlessly move between customer tables, check in new guests at a restaurant entrance, assist customers on the shop floor, and more.

There are now many reputable POS systems geared specifically for businesses using iPads, Android tablets, and other mobile devices. However, determining which option is the best fit requires evaluating features, ease of use, integrations, pricing, support, and more against your unique business needs. As an increasing number of companies adopt tablet POS systems to streamline operations, here is a guide to compare the top-rated solutions and choose the right platform for your business in 2024.

While mobile POS was once a novel concept, it is now an expectation and enables seamless migrations should you wish to switch providers down the road based on new features, integrations, or plans. When implemented correctly, a tablet POS system can radically transform your business, boost staff productivity, enhance the customer experience, and provide data-driven insights for critical decision-making. Let’s explore the options to help you gain these benefits in the year ahead.

Top Tablet POS Systems

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Upserve is an affordable and user-friendly POS system designed specifically for restaurants. Upserve makes it simple to track reservations, manage table availability, process payments, capture menu sales, and more using an iPad POS interface. Key features include waitlist management, payment processing via credit cards, cash, gift cards, and mobile wallets, reporting on metrics like average ticket time and top-selling items, and integration with third-party services for delivery, loyalty programs, and accounting.

Pricing starts at $99 per month with support for one register and goes up to $349 per month for five registers and includes payment processing fees. Upserve is ideal for any business looking for an easy-to-use, cost-effective tablet POS system.


Another top choice is Toast, a reputable POS platform used by many restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food service businesses. Toast makes it simple to manage menus, inventory, staff, and operations while delivering great customer experiences. Key features include inventory management, menu building, payment capabilities (cash, credit cards, mobile wallets), loyalty programs, staff management, sales reporting, and analytics.

Pricing plans start at $99 per month for the Essentials plan which supports one register and goes up to $799 per month for the Enterprise plan with unlimited registers. Toast also includes integrated payment processing, online ordering, and delivery management at no additional cost. Toast is an all-in-one solution for businesses of any size and complexity.


Bonsai Tablet POS is the ultimate platform for businesses looking to streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. This system combines the convenience of a tablet with a robust point-of-sale software to provide an efficient and versatile payment solution. With an easy-to-use interface, businesses of all sizes can manage transactions, inventory, and employee schedules through this powerful tool.

The Bonsai Tablet POS allows businesses to improve customer satisfaction by providing a fast and reliable payment process. With integrated payment methods like credit card and Apple Pay, customers can quickly pay for their orders while businesses can effortlessly manage transactions. With real-time inventory tracking, businesses can manage their stock levels and avoid product outages. And with employee management tools, businesses can easily manage their schedules, monitor employee performance, and process payroll accurately.

Overall, Bonsai Tablet POS provides a comprehensive point-of-sale solution that can streamline business operations while enhancing customer satisfaction. Its intuitive interface and robust features make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to improve their payment processing while reducing operational costs.

In summary, whether you need an easy-to-use basic system or a robust enterprise solution, there are high-quality tablet POS choices to streamline your operations, enhance the customer experience and make data-driven business decisions. With options at various price points and integrated capabilities, finding the best POS for your needs has never been simpler.

Key benefits and comparisons of tablet POS systems

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Some of the biggest benefits of tablet POS systems include integration with third-party services, scalability and customization, real-time insights, and touchscreen interfaces that enable mobility.

Integration with third-party services is critical for streamlining operations and providing a seamless customer experience. Best-in-class POS systems work with essential integrations like online ordering, mobile payments, delivery management, loyalty programs, and accounting services. They handle the complexity so you can focus on running your business.

Scalability and customization allow POS systems to grow with your business as you open new locations or sales channels without limitations. They can also be tailored to meet any unique operational needs or business model. Customization keeps platforms optimized as companies scale to ensure they continue meeting evolving requirements.

Access to real-time insights is key to maximizing performance through data-driven decisions and adjustments. Tablet POS systems provide immediate visibility into metrics such as sales, transactions, inventory levels, costs, profits, and more through easy-to-use reporting dashboards and analytics. Regular review of insights helps identify opportunities to improve and achieve business goals.

Mobility is one of the biggest benefits of tablet POS interfaces. Staff can move freely around their space, engaging with customers at any point and switching easily between functions like taking orders, processing payments, managing inventory, and assisting with queries. Moveable POS abilities increase customer engagement, staff productivity, and overall convenience.

To select the best tablet POS system for your needs, compare available options based on features, functionality, pricing, integration capabilities, mobility, reporting and analytics, customization possibilities, contract requirements, ongoing fees, and total cost of ownership. Evaluate each against factors critical for your business such as ease of use, simplicity for staff training, scalability for growth, and ability to meet unique needs.

Leading tablet POS providers offer choices ranging from basic systems for simple operations to robust and seamlessly integrated solutions for enterprises. At every level, options aim to streamline workflows, enhance customer experiences, maximize insights, and minimize complexity so you can focus on the important work of running an exceptional business. With so many reputable alternatives now available, finding an affordable and easy-to-use yet robust POS has never been easier.


In summary, tablet POS systems provide an intuitive and mobile interface for streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and gaining valuable business insights. By evaluating your specific needs and priorities, any company can benefit from a modern POS solution.

Top-rated options integrate easily with essential services, scale seamlessly as you grow, customize conveniently to meet unique requirements, and provide immediate access to data-driven reports and metrics. They handle complex tasks behind a simple, elegant interface so you can focus on the important work of running an exceptional business.

Whether you need an easy-to-use basic system or a robust platform for enterprises, tablet POS choices aim to minimize complexity while maximizing efficiency, insights, and possibilities. At a range of affordable price points, there is an option suited to any operational need or budget.

Transform your business and uncover new opportunities for success in 2023 by gaining the advantages of a tablet POS system. Streamline workflows, strengthen customer connections, increase productivity, and make smarter decisions using the actionable insights and integration capabilities they provide.

As technology continues advancing, new features will emerge improving usability, scalability, security, and value. By choosing a reputable provider now, you ensure the ability to migrate seamlessly to future innovations keeping pace with progress. Creating seamless experiences, amplifying insights, and shaping the future of your business has never been simpler.

In conclusion, tablet POS systems provide an easy and affordable solution to gain control of operations, boost staff productivity, deliver world-class service, and make data-driven decisions key to achieving goals. Whether a simple or robust platform best suits your unique needs, there are highly capable and easy-to-use options available at every price point.

Transform workflows, strengthen relationships, and shape success using an intuitive yet powerful POS interface built for the possibilities of today and optimized for the advances of tomorrow. With an increasing number of reputable choices now available, choosing the right tablet POS system for your business has never been easier.

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