What is DHL E-Commerce? Can Your Business Benefit?

April 11, 2022

It’s been two years into the Covid-19 pandemic; the mode of operation of many businesses has been altered during this time and many of them have had to adapt or go extinct. For example, the logistics industry is one industry that has faced challenges because of the sudden halt in supply chains and flow of products.

While many logistics businesses had to close, logistics companies that were forward-thinking and fast to adapting digitization through e-commerce were the ones that were able to weather the storm of change. According to the World Economic Forum, in 2020, there was a 25% rise in consumer e-commerce deliveries.

Paying particular attention to DHL, an international shipping and courier company, alongside its regular services, DHL includes a specific set of services for online sellers called DHL eCommerce.

What is DHL E-Commerce?

With the current changes in the world and the unexpected shift experienced in 2020, one question businesses have to constantly ask is, “what chance does the business have in reaching customers and suppliers globally and still fulfil their product needs?” 

This is where DHL eCommerce comes in. DHL E-Commerce can do this, which makes it one of the best options on the market for shipping, tracking, and logistics.

The way the business world works, people purchase goods from anywhere around the globe and there have to be companies who have to step in to ship these products. DHL E-Commerce connects sellers to buyers across the globe at affordable prices for high-volume shippers. 

This service is quite flexible as it provides dealers with the opportunity to ship lightweight items. One thing which stands out about this service is the fact that it is quite economical for eCommerce shipping, its transit times are very reliable, and when it comes to commercial clearance it is done properly. Below are some of the domestic services for DHL E-Commerce.

Domestic offering for DHL eCommerce:

  1. Pays more attention to low volume packages, particularly packages weighing less than 5 lbs, and for ounce-based pricing under 1 lb.
  2. Interstate coverage, delivery to every US zip code, with the last mile service offered by the USPS
  3. End-to-end tracking is available for packages.
  4. Connect to domestic delivery networks for faster shipping
  5. Deliver to a pickup location, to a customer’s door, an authorized neighbor’s home, or to a guarded location

There are three service levels to DHL E-Commerce which are: 

  1. Expedited Max- 2/3 day-definite service
  2. Expedited- 2–5-day service
  3. Ground- 3–8-day service

What are the Pros and Cons of DHL eCommerce?

DHL E-Commerce has its high points and low points; however, we must state that the high points are more than the lows. Here are a few pros and cons of DHL E-Commerce:


  1. DHL E-Commerce has good plans and equipment for international shipping 
  2. Precision when tracking packages
  3. Simple to the use-web portal
  4. Blends perfectly with common software for eCommerce
  5. Global shipping and fulfilment with delivery to over 220 countries


  1. Small quantity shippers do not have access to use the site
  2. Shipping in the US on Saturdays and Sundays is not possible
  3. Extra costs based on weight, fuel, and peak season

How Can Your Business Benefit from DHL E-Commerce?

The good part of this service is that it offers businesses much more than shipping services. With its amazing logistics and fulfilment, shipping is connected back to your eCommerce site which enables orders to be synchronized and automated. 

With its flexible order management system, businesses need not worry about sending orders to DHL as this system helps to generate shipping labels and merchandise fulfilment from warehouses across the country and the globe.  

Additionally, businesses that run on a tight budget can benefit tremendously from this service. While DHL is trustworthy and fast, DHL’s eCommerce offers a cost-effective option for businesses that sell lightweight products (i.e., less than five pounds) in large volumes. For businesses on the internet with ample volume in sales, there’s also a DHL fulfilment option that assists in getting deliveries to the end-users faster. With this option, merchandise is shipped to a DHL fulfilment warehouse, there is an option to keep products stored until the customer has a need for them. Then, the order is picked and delivered.

DHL transports billions of packages globally every year. Offering delivery six days of delivery service weekly, DHL eCommerce focuses on prompt and efficient delivery of packages to the customers of eCommerce merchants.  On time delivery can be assured through DHL eCommerce’s exceptional focus on customer delivery options . Merchants have outstanding options for their products, including next day and same day delivery. Customs clearance for B2C shipments make cross-border shipping simple,  and a wide array of delivery choices enable end customers to select the optimal shipping service at time of purchase.

In addition to all these benefits, DHL brings merchandise closer to the consumers with its warehouses and also as distribution centers, reducing delivery timelines. DHL Fulfilment is an ideal shipping service for businesses with higher volume shipping needs. With DHL Fulfilment, businesses send products to a fulfilment warehouse, which is then kept in storage until needed to fill an order. This greatly reduces delivery timeframes and enables DHL to rapidly fulfil orders.

Final Thoughts

If a business ships lightweight products in high volume both domestically and globally, then exploring DHL eCommerce makes sense. One out of the many things which make DHL eCommerce an excellent service is the use of global supply-chain logistics to deliver and track packages from your warehouse or business straight to the customer. 

Because of its outstanding order management software which synchronizes with your eCommerce orders, businesses are assured that every package is shipped. In addition, its easy-to-use web portal assists you in finding tracking numbers and following the delivery.

 If your business meets the appropriate parameters for online selling, then you can’t go wrong with DHL eCommerce.

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