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What Industries Use CRM?

Posted: October 26, 2021 | Updated: October 26, 2021

Any company that wants to provide a better customer experience needs to focus on CRM. CRM software is a great tool to collect and organize all customer data in a single platform. CRM will not only save you a ton of administrative costs but also make it easier for your team members to collaborate and achieve better results.

Any company that serves customers needs an organized CRM system. Without CRM software, it’s going to be next to impossible to access customer data when you need it. Not to mention that collecting and organizing customer data is a difficult task on its own. But when you have a CRM system in place, all your team members have access to the same customer information and they can access the customer data in real-time. CRM is not only great for tracking customer information but it’s also useful in the sales process. Your sales team will be able to figure out who the hot leads are and can spend their valuable time and energy to go after them.

Which Industries Use CRM?

CRM is a must-have tool for any business that deals with customers. Whether you are in a B2B or B2C industry, having a CRM system will be useful for you. CRM benefits all industries. Different industries benefit from CRM software in different ways. We will jot down some of the industries which rely heavily on CRM software as an integral part of their workflow. We will also look at how each of these industries differs in the way they use CRM software.

Finance and Banking Industry

The demand for CRM software is huge in the finance and banking industry. Whether it’s an internet bank, commercial bank, or an international bank, they are all using sophisticated CRM software.

There is stifling competition in the finance industry. If you don’t provide excellent customer service, your customers will have no problems jumping ships. CRM software helps in the finance industry by streamlining daily activities, tracking sales, and improving security.

Decision-making is highly important in the finance industry. To make a decision quickly, you need quick access to the relevant data. Good CRM software has reporting systems that will aid decision-makers in making data-driven decisions.

Healthcare Industry

The use of CRM software was always there in the healthcare industry but it increased during the pandemic. The front-liners were under immense pressure to cater to numerous patients in very little time.

Hospitals used CRM software to facilitate collaboration between the nurses, doctors, and hospital staff. CRM software was used to collect and organize patient data, track how the patients progressed and how they responded to different medications.

The patients were able to reach out to the hospitals quicker because of CRM. Patients that didn’t have severe health problems could book online sessions because of CRM. The CRM brings all the patient data to an integrated platform. Even if the doctor or nurse is changed, they will know what to do by looking at the patient data.

Sales and Marketing Industry

This is surely the industry that is most positively impacted by the use of CRM software. Sales and marketing agencies get countless benefits by using and integrating CRM software into their workflow.

CRM software aids sales agents in exploring, monitoring, and closing potential customers. CRM software provides them with information regarding who the most valuable leads are. The most valuable leads can be determined by the metrics you set. For example, the most valuable leads for you can be the people who spend more than two minutes on your website. If you find that those leads are way more likely to convert into customers, they are valuable leads for you.

CRM software also raises the productivity of the sales agents. CRM software comes with great collaboration tools and the tasks can be assigned easily to the right sales agent. All agents will know exactly what is expected of them. It will be easy for the team leader to identify the agents that perform the best as there are reporting tools within any CRM software.

Tourism Industry

If there is one thing that millennials like to do, it is traveling. The tourism industry had been growing rapidly before the pandemic hit. Thankfully, it seems like we have passed the worst of the pandemic and things are getting back to normal.

CRM software comes in handy in the travel and tourism industry. There is always a huge number of customers to cater to in the tourism and hospitality industry. It is difficult to keep track of all the customer requests, customer complaints, etc. Without proper CRM software, conducting day-to-day operations will be difficult in this industry.

All the customer data can be put together in an organized manner using CRM software. The tour agents can access that data anytime. They can easily recognize what customer problem needs to be solved by taking a look at the data. You can make notes of common customer complaints and issues using CRM software.

There are a lot of moving pieces in the traveling industry. There are customers, hotel bookings, air tickets, bus tickets, etc. involved in any tour company. Managing all this information without a proper system in place will drive anyone crazy. If you are in the tourism industry, you should invest in CRM software without any doubt. It will make the lives of both your employees and customers easier. Using CRM software will surely lead to a better customer experience and it will improve your customer retention rate.

Non-Profit Organization

A large number of people believe that CRM isn’t useful for non-profit organizations. But nothing could be further from the truth. Non-profit organizations benefit from CRM software just as much as any other business out there.

CRM helps non-profit organizations collect and manage the information about the donations and the donors. It helps them send personalized messages to each of the donors thanking them for their contributions. Non-profit organizations use CRM software to boost their fundraising process and coordinate different projects.

Final Thoughts

Modern CRM software is capable of doing a wide variety of complicated tasks. We have looked at how the different industries take advantage of CRM software to manage their workflow and provide exceptional customer service. All companies can benefit from CRM software but if you are working in any of the industries we must, investing in CRM software is a non-negotiable for you.

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