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6 Contactless Payment Methods For Your Vet Clinic Checkout

July 27, 2021

People are using contactless payment methods more than ever. While the move towards contactless payments had started before the global pandemic, the issue has hastened this shift. People are more willing to complete these payments because they know they are safer to follow. But there’s also the benefit of how easy it is to complete payments through such means.

Veterinary clinics can benefit from many of these contactless payment methods. You can use six different methods to help your vet clinic bring in revenue from your customers. These are convenient solutions to use at your clinic’s checkout station, plus they can support various features.

These payment solutions are vital when you consider the worries your clients might hold. Pet owners often have various concerns surrounding their pets’ health. Asking for payment may be insensitive or harsh at times. A contactless payment solution will be ideal for ensuring the client stays comfortable and that there will still be a way for that person to pay for a pet’s needs.

Customer-Facing Devices

The first contactless payment method to explore entails using a customer-facing device. You can place a terminal on the client’s side of the counter. The terminal will link with a virtual terminal that you control.

Using a customer-facing device will be easier to follow than if someone had to give you a card. The customer will also feel comfortable, as that person will always control one’s card. The card will stay intact, plus the person doesn’t have to give out more details than what one might be comfortable with sending at a time.

You will need to initiate the transfer through a virtual terminal browser. The client will then follow the prompts on the customer-facing device to complete the payment.

Everything will stay in a secure cloud system. The cloud computing system will ensure you can access the data you collect from anywhere. But you’ll need to ensure your setup is fully secure and encrypted while meeting all PCI standards for operation.


Near-field communication or NFC payments are very popular today. An NFC payment allows a customer to wave a card or another device over a terminal. The device can include a phone, band, or another item that features the customer’s payment data.

The NFC transaction process is contactless and provides a faster way to complete the payment. It also uses heavy-duty encryption that ensures the card’s data will not be lost when transferred.

Some NFC-based solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay come with two-part verification features. A customer could add a fingerprint or a small code to a transaction to confirm one’s identity. Considering how much money someone might spend at a vet clinic on a pet’s needs, using a payment method that is safe and secure will be essential to review. An NFC transaction allows the customer to complete the payment without risking anything being lost in the general process.


The EMV chip-based card platform has been used by vet clinics for a while now. But it is becoming increasingly contactless, as card brands that support the EMV platform no longer require signatures for transactions on EMV-based devices.

Your vet clinic doesn’t have to retain payment receipts anymore if you use EMV payments. The process does not require much physical contact. You won’t have to pass a pen or pad to anyone anymore. It is easier to manage the payment, plus your business becomes greener by saving on paper.

You can use your virtual terminal to load up your receipts without having to print anything of value. You can text or email digital receipts to your customers as they request them.

Website Collection

Another choice is to collect customers’ data through your website. People might be more comfortable paying for services online instead of in person.

A customer can review the outstanding balance someone has for services at your clinic. You can provide a login account or other data for the customer to access. The customer can then pay for the services as necessary.

The website can also include complete invoices for people to review. You can upload all billing data online to help people see what they are paying for, reducing the risk of billing errors. The process is ideal for some of the more expensive things you might provide to people.

Phone Collection

Another solution to see involves secure phone payments. You can establish a phone payment system through a cloud-based virtual terminal. The terminal will be accessible by phone app and can connect the payment info people provide to your records.

The customer will provide one’s payment data through a phone app or a mobile version of your website. The customer can also provide a fingerprint or other secondary verification signal for one’s security.

The virtual terminal can collect the customer’s data to ensure you know who makes legitimate payments for a pet’s needs. You can contact the customer if you notice any discrepancies surrounding the transaction you’re planning.

Upfront Collection

The last of the contact-free payment options for your vet clinic involves collecting a client’s card and other data before providing services for their pets. You can ensure the customer’s data is on hand by collecting it once. The customer can submit new payment data as necessary or if the person wants to use a different payment method for the transaction.

By collecting the data, you can charge people based on the services they utilize. You can then send digital copies of their receipts. The effort reduces the stress associated with paying for things. The point is especially critical for more emotional needs, including surgeries and end-of-life practices surrounding one’s pets.

These six solutions for your vet clinic are worthwhile solutions worth trying. Be sure when planning your efforts that you know what you’re getting out of a system. You will have an easier time managing your clinic when you see what works for your general needs.

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