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July 11, 2019

Total Systems or TSYS is a payment processing company out of Columbus, GA. They are largely responsible for back-end merchant services and credit card processing, and they’ve recently merged with Global Payments. The merger has broadened their scope, making them one of the largest payment processing companies globally. With the new launch of their Vital platform, TSYS is becoming a giant in the merchant services industry, easily competing with their competitors such as Square and PayPal.

Vital is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) service that can be used across multiple devices. Offering flexibility of use, Vital is answering the needs of business persons and entrepreneurs in an ever-changing global environment that continually breaks the rules of how people conduct business transactions. Traditional merchants can have their large screen or laptop attached to a cash drawer for processing transactions at one particular location, while entrepreneurs on the go can use tablets or cell phones with a wireless card reader for processing payments, all equipped with the latest technology in a cloud-based format that can update to accommodate the most recent changes to industry standards, regulations, and technology.

Flexibility is a major selling point of Vital, as it can be separately customized for employees and supervisors. Vital also offers essential functionality such as a time clock, inventory tracking, pricing and the ability to offer discounts, and much more. Flexible function set up allows for business owners with employees to ensure security and minimize mistakes.

The Vital POS has powerful back-office customization. Because it’s cloud-based, owners and entrepreneurs can access Vital from any device, anywhere. The back office allows for management reports, inventory tracking, price control and discounts, and business scalability.

Depending on your needs and preferences, Vital is available in three platforms. In today’s ever-changing business world where the traditional rules keep being challenged, Vital offers solutions to help your business grow without confinements.

The first Vital POS offering is known as Vital Mobile, and it is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs on the go. Processing payments are handled with a wireless, portable EMV (which stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) chip reader that complies with the latest banking recommendations for security and privacy.

The second Vital POS offering is Vital Plus, which is a great option for a small business owner who desires portability and function. The Vital Plus platform comes with a proprietary handheld portable card reader that can also take cash and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. You or your employees can walk around the store with the handheld device, freeing you up to talk to customers and make more sales.

The final Vital POS offering is Vital Select, which is a full-service platform with a stand-alone device that more resembles a register. Vital Select allows merchants and employees to take tips, split orders, use different stations for payment processing, accept payments in restaurants at the table, track employee performance, and generate inventory reports that break down how well each product is selling.

If you’re interested in these products a Host Merchant Services specialist can be reached at 877-517-4678.

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