Avoid EMV Non-Compliance Fees

November 27, 2017

Some credit card processing companies are now charging “EMV non-compliance fees”.  For those who don’t know, the acronym EMV refers to the technology embedded in what are commonly called chip cards. Developed originally to increase security for customers when making a “card present” payment at a retailer, the date for merchants to install a chip-enabled credit card machine to complete payment processing has come and gone.
So now, card processors may choose to apply a non-compliance fee to customers who don’t have an EMV capable credit card machine. Here’s the thing- this fee isn’t mandatory and you don’t have to use EMV technology. No laws or regulations require it. These payment processors are choosing to hit their customers with a fee for… well… not purchasing a new EVM credit card machine from them. Such companies use the guise of,”EMV is higher security” and “it’s safer for the merchant”. This is true. EMV is higher security for merchants but some companies, like Heartland payment systems, are charging $299 to non-EMV-compliant customers which is way more than the EMV machine even costs. That doesn’t make sense.

This is what I have to say to such payment processing companies: “If you care so much about your merchant’s security, supply them with an EMV credit card machine and above all else don’t charge them a fee.” This is the textbook definition of a poor customer service model. How can you expect customers to be happy with a service that treats them that way?

We, at Host Merchant Services, do things differently. First of all, we aren’t going to charge you an EMV non-compliance fee ever. Secondly, when a merchant sets up an account they get an EMV capable terminal as part of our complementary security kit. We also handle your PCI compliance free of charge for you. That’s our job.

Our business model revolves around delivering a higher level of service and high customer satisfaction. That’s why we don’t believe in term agreements and cancellation fees. Our customers stay with Host Merchant Services because they are happy, not because they have to. Put us to the test! We guarantee our quote will be lower than your current statements or we will give you a $100 gift card and thank you for your time. Better Rates. Better Service. Switch to Host Merchant Services.

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