Samsung Pay Rewards

November 23, 2016

In a world where digital media and the use of mobile apps are taking over, the new Samsung Pay Rewards system is seemingly one that is built for long term success. Not only will customers be able to use the service to track their mobile payments, but use of the app also allows for current subscribers to benefit directly from simply using the system as a form of payment in their everyday purchases. This is because the new rewards program offers tiers of reward benefits based on the sheer number of transactions logged by the app.

These Samsung Rewards points are not only able to be redeemed through a simple cashback transaction, but can also be used in the acquisition of gift cards, memberships, and other forms of merchandise. This adds a whole other dimension to the relevancy of the rewards program on a global scale, as customers are now able to use their accumulated points on a variety of different potential reward benefits. While rivaling credit card rewards services which are now beginning to expand their available redemption options, the service will surely look to benefit individuals who enjoy choices.

Despite the introductory success of the Samsung Pay program, a statute of limitations is currently in effect due to the limited number of cell phones and service companies which provide the app as a platform. Without a current cellphone subscription to one of the four more high-end Samsung Galaxy phones, the mobile app is not compatible. Ultimately, as Samsung Pay continues to revolutionize mobile payment services as well as provide a credible rewards network, the company will look to expand the platform for its app in the hopes of maximizing its potential consumer pool.

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