bPay Gaining Momentum in Newark, Wilmington

May 21, 2013

In the last update regarding the bPay mobile wallet initiative we covered the fact that Host Merchant Services is now partnered with Barclays to grow the adoption of this very innovative and versatile form of payment.

To recap…

bPay is a two pronged application that benefits both businesses and consumers. Merchants can market to consumers with compelling offers directly through the application and SMS marketing. They also have the added value to accept credit cards through a mobile wallet and contactless payment terminal.

Consumers get the convenience of a secure mobile wallet and weekly deals from local businesses. These exclusive offers are just that, exclusive. They are only offered through the bPay app and can only be redeemed by paying with the app as well. They also have the ability to load all of their credit cards into their wallet so that they have the flexibility to pay with many different accounts and not just locked into one.

Now what?

With the previous successes in Wilmington near downtown and Lower Market Street and a strong presence on Main Street and near the UD campus in Newark, Barclays is looking for the next area that is poised to grow and adopt the bPay system to engage and benefit both businesses and consumers alike. One area that both HMS and the team at Barclays believe would benefit the most is the Trolley Square neighborhood. Trolley has a dense concentration of businesses that fit the bPay mobile wallet profile.

Businesses and customers both benefit from the increased speed of bPay transactions. For the business, there is no need for the cashier to swipe a card, verify ID, print out a receipt and get a signature. Multiply this over the course of hundreds of transactions a day and the time savings is huge.

For the customer, the time savings is minimal but the focus is more around convenience. The ability to choose which card he would like to pay with by just a few taps on his smartphone and then quickly scanning the barcode. This eliminates the need to dig in his pocket to fish out his George Castanza wallet and then try and find which card to use.

The bottom line here is that mobile payments and more specifically mobile wallets like bPay clearly have added value for both consumers and business owners alike. The technology and adoption is no longer the fledgling product of just a few years ago and moving forward is only going to grow. That makes right now an ideal time for businesses and consumers to adopt the system.

For businesses in the Wilmington and Newark, DE area that are interested in getting more information please email us at [email protected].

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