Why Choose HMS?

11 Years of Fantastic Service

Time tested and true to character

Host Merchant Services was built on a strong foundation of customer service. We believe the quality of our customer’s interaction with us is the most important aspect of doing business. When customers are happy with the service they receive there is no need for contracts and term commitments. That’s why we don’t lock our customers in at all. Our service is month to month, cancel at any time with no penalty. Even so, 94% of businesses choose to stay with us year after year. There’s one reason they stay – because they love HMS!


Revolutionary Customer Relationships

Just like the good ‘ole days… right now.

We treat our customers with respect, the way you treat your customers. We never try to make unfair profits off of our merchants because that’s just not good business, in our opinion. We want to form long-lasting relationships with our customers. As a business owner, you can be confident you are getting the best rates, with no hidden fees and no surprises. Go ahead and give us a shot. There’s no obligation.


The Power of Knowledge

We’ll explain everything so you can make an informed decision!

Before we took on a single customer we ran all the numbers and found that Interchange plus pricing is the least costly pricing model to the business as well as the most transparent if you truly understand the model. That’s why we go out of our way to educate our customers so that they fully understand the pricing model. Having this knowledge is important to ensure you aren’t overpaying, not just with us but with any processor! After we explain everything, the pricing will be so transparent to you that you’ll even know exactly what we make as a profit. How’s that for transparency?!

interchange plus vs flat rates

Never Wait Again!

95% of calls answered within 3 rings. No hold queues.

When you’re with HMS you get preferential treatment. You’re too important to wait. You have a business to run and we respect that.
We walk the walk with service. In fact, our service team is 4x larger than our sales team! We believe it’s better to keep your customers happy than having to find new customers. When you’re with HMS you can get US-based support 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The grass is greener with us.

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Put us to the test! Call and see for yourself!

The number below is our standard telephone number. This way you know it’s not some special line. Go ahead! Click the button to call now. When you do you’ll hear a welcome message that asks if you are calling to get a new account or calling about an existing account (sales or support). Choose either one you want. Within 3 rings you’ll have a live person on the phone eager to help you with whatever you may need.

Lowest Pricing Guaranteed

Prove it? Our service is 100% no obligation

We have no contract, no account closure penalty, no reason that you couldn’t walk away if you were unhappy. How's that for a cost guarantee?! There’s nothing to lose and a whole world of benefits to gain from working with a firm, upstanding company such as ours.

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    No contract
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    No hidden fees
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    No equipment leases
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    No account closure fee
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    No PCI or EMV compliance fees

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