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Travel Agency Merchant Services

Did you know that travel agencies are considered high-risk businesses? The idea of helping customers reserve travel services might sound innocent, but it is riskier than you expect.

You might not qualify for a merchant account through most places if you run a travel agency. But our team at Host Merchant Services will be there to help you prepare a travel agency merchant account you can trust.

Your business needs to collect card payments from customers if you wish to stay afloat. Considering how valuable some of your offerings can be, it is a must that your business can handle these cards. We at HMS can secure the merchant account you need while providing practical terms you can trust. You won’t worry about being rejected for such an account when you contact us for help.

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Travel Credit Card Processing

travel agency merchant account

We support travel agencies of all sorts, from those who offer air travel to those who can book cruises. We provide flexible solutions that fit all your business needs, including when you manage recurring payments. Our systems are among the best you can trust.

Why Are Travel Agencies High-Risk?

People spend billions of dollars on travel services every year. People want to go around and see the world and experience new things. They rely on travel agencies to help them secure their travel reservations. They use them for everything from flights to hotels to car rentals.

But sometimes a transaction doesn’t work as well as you would wish. A chargeback or other refund may be necessary for some deals. It is a problem that happens more often in the travel industry than you might expect, which is part of why you’ll be interpreted as a high-risk business.

There are several reasons why travel agencies are high-risk companies for merchant accounts:

  • People might steal credit card data from others to purchase travel reservations. Chargebacks may occur when these fraudulent activities appear.
  • Cases of friendly fraud may occur even after authorization. Friendly fraud occurs when someone charges back a transaction after it ends.
  • Most travel purchases are made months in advance. A customer might change one’s plans or otherwise cancel one's reservations after the initial payment. The timeframe between the initial payment and the actual travel can be significant.
  • Many travel-related companies may shut down due to bankruptcies or other financial concerns, resulting in people having to get refunds for their suddenly cancelled reservations.
  • Your business relies on third parties to fulfill services. You are not selling your services or products, but rather those available from airlines, hotels, and other travel-related businesses.

You may struggle to find a travel agency merchant account because a service provider might find your agency to be too risky. We at Host Merchant Services respect your needs and will help you attain a high-quality merchant account.

Benefits Of Using A Travel Agency Merchant Account

Travel Agency Merchant Account
  1. Flexible Payment Methods: By having a travel agency merchant account, travel agencies can receive payments through credit cards, debit cards, and electronic transfers. This gives customers the flexibility to choose their own payment method.
  1. Global Expansion: With a good quality merchant account, travel agencies can process payments from customers worldwide, helping them reach an audience and expand their business globally.
  1. Boost in Sales: Providing payment options via a travel agency merchant account can increase sales as customers prefer to make purchases willingly when they can use their favored payment mode.
  1. Enhanced Security Features: Merchant accounts offer security features like encryption and fraud detection tools. Thus, it safeguards the agency and its clients from fraudulent activities and data breaches.
  1. Simplified Transactions: Merchant accounts seamlessly integrate with booking systems and online platforms. This makes the payment process easier for customers while reducing work for the travel agency.
  1. Better Cash Flow Management: Thanks to reduced transaction processing times, travel agencies can enhance their cash flow by receiving uninterrupted payments. This enables them to handle finances without human error and tap growth opportunities efficiently.
  2. Customized Solutions: Many merchant service providers offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of travel agencies. These solutions may include options like recurring billing for installment payments or support for different currencies to facilitate transactions.
  3. Customer Confidence: When travel agencies choose to accept payments through a merchant service provider, it helps establish trust and confidence among customers. This reassurance about the security and protection of their transactions can result in repeat customer orders and loyalty.
  4. Reports: Additionally, merchant service providers often provide access to reporting tools that can help the travel agency in planning and enhancing their services for the future.

FAQ for Travel Agencies

A travel agency merchant account is a specialized bank account that allows travel agencies to easily accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, and various electronic payment options. By having a travel agency merchant account, your travel agency can securely and efficiently process payments, offering convenience to your clients and facilitating the growth of your business.

You can request a merchant account through a payment processor or a provider of merchant services. The application process includes submitting details about your business, including the name of your travel agency, its address, tax identification number, and an estimate of the sales volume. More documents might be required by the merchant service provider. 

With a robust travel agency merchant account, you can efficiently accept payment through all the popular methods. These methods include credit cards, debit cards, electronic bank transfers, and online payments. 

There might be different types of fees associated with travel agency merchant accounts. These can be transaction fees, interchange fees, and monthly statement fees. Some merchant accounts may also include set up and termination fees. 

The setup time for a travel agency merchant account varies for different merchant service providers. Some providers, like Host Merchant Services, take only a few days, while others might take longer. The setup process is delayed if there are more documents are required. 

Yes. Reputable travel agency merchant accounts are safe. The providers use encryption and other security measures to ensure a safe transaction. They also protect merchant's and customers' data and reduce the risk of fraud and unauthorized access. 

All the top travel agency merchant accounts in the US accept payment in different currencies. 

Yes. The best merchant account providers give you the option to integrate your travel agency merchant account with your booking system, website, or mobile apps. 

You can contact us today, and one of our representatives will contact you ASAP and help y ou expedite the process of getting a travel agency merchant account.  

Travel Agency Merchant Services

Our work at Host Merchant Services is about ensuring you’ll receive the help you need in planning and establishing a travel agency merchant account. Take note of what we’ll provide:

  • We offer sensible rates for your travel agency. Our processing rates and interchange fees are easy to manage. We are always transparent over our rates and what we will charge for your business.
  • Your agency can handle multiple currencies. This point is essential for travel, as many people might head to different countries.
  • Our virtual payment gateway system helps you process payments twenty-four hours a day.
  • Your account will support all major credit card brands. These include credit and debit cards alike.
  • All our credit card acceptance systems are PCI-compliant. The standard ensures all data stays protected and that the risk of fraud is minimal through our work.
  • Our system is also compliant with any outside gateways you might already utilize. These include common travel-based gateways from NMI or Authorize.Net.

Our merchant accounts provide some of the most thorough solutions you can trust. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your needs.

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  • Chargeback Assistance

    We help high risk merchants manage chargebacks, reduce risk, and keep their merchant accounts in good standing.

  • Fast Funding

    Get your batches deposited quickly! Next day funding options available. The fastest funding timeframes available for high risk merchant accounts!

A Secure Payment Solution

Travel costs can be expensive, so protecting the customer’s data will be critical to your success. We at HMS provide travel agency merchant accounts that support various security setups for the customer’s protection. These safety measures will build the customer’s trust in you.

The PCI-compliant solutions we provide at HMS include:

  • Anti-fraud detection tools, including IP address confirmation
  • Geolocation tools to confirm the cardholder’s location and address
  • Support for address verification services
  • Secure shopping carts that can collect card security code data to reduce the risk of card-not-present transactions

Proper security is critical for ensuring your business can operate effectively and that you can safely collect payments from people. Our system will provide a suitable solution you and your customers will trust.

Enjoy Flexibility

We provide flexible merchant accounts for travel agencies here at Host Merchant Services. We offer accounts that support all major credit cards, plus ones that can work in many locations. We also support accounts with lower rolling reserve levels. Keeping your rolling reserve totals down is critical, as it ensures you’ll have more funds on hand to manage your business without having to keep too much in case of a chargeback.

Our systems are also flexible and can integrate with whatever you might utilize at your workplace. We understand that businesses often use different merchant gateways and systems for promoting their wares. Our team at Host Merchant Services will review what you want and find solutions that fit whatever demands you have. You can be assured everything you utilize will work as necessary.

What Will You Require?

You’ll need to provide information on your credit card transactions, your business’ financial details, and confirmation of your identity to apply for a merchant account. But you must meet a few additional terms:

  • You must have an Airlines Reporting Corporation bond if you provide support for air travel. The bond confirms you can handle air travel ticket reservations.
  • You should have reseller agreements with your suppliers. The contract allows you to sell a vendor’s product, whether it is a hotel reservation or a car rental or anything else.
  • While we can accept start-up businesses, for the best chance of approval you should be able to provide 3 months of business bank statements and 3 months of prior processing statements.

We can review all your details and provide support as necessary. Be sure to provide as many details as possible when applying, as you’ll have an easier time getting approved when you have submit a full application package with all required documentation.

What About Subscription-Based Agencies?

You can also contact us at Host Merchant Services if you need a travel agency merchant account for a subscription-based agency. Subscription services have become increasingly popular, as they help people reserve various services. A subscriber can sign up for things like:

  • Access to specific hotels, vacation rentals, and other properties
  • Discounts on various travel options
  • Access to airport lounges and other travel spaces
  • Reservations for car-sharing services in various destinations

These deals are appealing, but the price per month will vary by service. They are ideal for those who frequently travel.

Those who travel often for work purposes can benefit from these subscriptions. But they’ll need to ensure they pay their monthly dues to stay active and to ensure you can keep running such a business. We can support merchant accounts that accept them and plan recurring billing solutions that fit everyone’s needs.

Contact Us For Support Today

You can make a significant amount of money if you work as a travel agent. But you’ll need a merchant account to collect all those transactions from your customers. Our work at Host Merchant Services is about giving you the power you need to collect funds from customers and to keep your business running right.

You will appreciate how Host Merchant Services can help you open a travel agency merchant account. Talk with us today to learn more about how we can get you approved and processing quickly.