Host Merchant Services (HMS) is offering a $75 promotional credit to new customers. This credit can be applied towards merchant services fees with HMS, and will be credited to their first full month’s statement. Any unused balance on this credit can be carried forward until the full value is exhausted, or the account has been open for six (6) months.


HMS offers the following features:

  • If the customer has an existing merchant account, we guarantee to provide them with savings or we give them a $100 gift card in appreciation of their time.
  • No annual fee, no application fee, no monthly minimums, no hidden fees
  • No term commitment or early termination fees
  • Transparent “cost plus” pricing – know exactly how much you pay to the card associations and exactly how much you pay to HMS every month.
  • Superior 24x7x365 customer support
  • Deep e-commerce expertise – easily integrate with most major gateways, shopping carts, and software packages.
  • Free equipment and receipt paper for “brick and mortar” merchants
  • Low cost PCI Compliance with full tech support included.
  • Mobile commerce solutions for iPhone and Android


Why HMS vs. Competition

Industry leading customer support 

HMS provides premium 24x7x365 customer support.  We are a leader in pricing transparency and honest service.  We earn your business every day.  No term commitment; we do not lock people in. Customers stay with us because you are happy.

We understand the e-commerce industry and its merchants

The CEO of HMS, Lou Honick, spent 11 years running a web hosting company.  Host Merchant Services does not write you or your customers off as high risk just because you do business online.  We understand the needs of an online business and work tirelessly to provide you with the right services at the best possible rate.  Not only do we offer an ironclad best rate guarantee, all of our customers get:

  • Proactive chargeback monitoring and assistance.  We help you win chargebacks and optimize business processes to prevent them.
  • Interchange monitoring and optimization to insure your transactions qualify at the lowest possible rate
  • Flexible gateway options with broad compatibility, no gateway transaction fees, free tokenization, dynamic descriptors, and much more.
  • Full technical support to assist you and your customers with e-commerce integrations.
  • Mobile solutions to help you and your customers to process payments anywhere.