Credit Repair Merchant Account

Ontaining a Credit Repair Merchant Services Account

Your credit repair agency is essential to the lives of your clients. You’ll help people resolve many of their credit-related issues and help them live better lives. You’ll ensure these clients won’t have to worry about poor credit ratings, collections, and other concerns any further.

You’ll require a merchant account that will help you collect payments from your customers. These payments will ensure you can continue providing your clients the services they deserve.

Credit repair businesses are essential, as they will help people resolve many credit score-related concerns. A repair company can identify credit report errors and dispute inaccurate details. The team can talk with the proper credit reporting bureaus or other parties about the issues. Some of these businesses can manage credit disputes, facilitate settlements, and plan cease and desist orders.

We at HMS have been serving credit repair companies and other high-risk entities for years. We provide merchant account solutions that fit all their needs. Our team reviews the unique needs each client holds.

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Credit Repair Merchant Accounts

It isn’t always easy to find a credit repair merchant account. Credit repair businesses are high-risk entities. They’re more likely to experience chargebacks and other issues that might inhibit their ability to process payments. But you must accept credit and debit card payments if you’re running a credit repair business.

You’ll still require a credit repair merchant account, especially since you cannot use gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or other choices to collect funds. You would be banned for violating these entities’ terms of use policies, as credit repair services cannot operate through these parties.

You can call your credit repair entity anything, whether it’s a “credit restoration” or “credit rehabilitation” business or anything else. Regardless of the name or the quality of your financial history, you’ll still be classified by ISOs and MSPs as a high-risk business.

Credit Repair Credit Card Processing

Our team at Host Merchant Services will check on every merchant that applies for a merchant account with us. We will review the information surrounding how each business operates, including:

  • How much money the company takes in on average
  • Whether there are any late payments, chargebacks, or other concerns
  • How the business can manage its revenue to cover the cost to operate its services
  • The number of transactions the group completes each month

We at HMS feel that every business should have access to merchant accounts. We can review your credit repair business and plan a merchant account that fits your demands. Let us know about everything surrounding your business and how it operates to find a solution that works right.

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Why You Need A Credit Repair Merchant Account

Your credit repair business is critical to the lives of many people. Millions of people around the United States have bad credit. These customers come in many forms, from college graduates with extensive student debts to people who aren’t earning as much money as usual and are facing foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Your business will provide these people the solutions they need to resolve their credit issues and to get their lives on track. You shouldn’t have to struggle to find a merchant account.

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Extended Auto Warranty Merchant Services

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