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In continuity and subscription-based commerce, seamless and secure recurring revenue is critical. This model guarantees a steady flow of income and secures a loyal customer base, providing a predictable financial landscape for growth. However, the payment processing for the subscription model has its set of challenges. Given the high-risk nature of continuity subscriptions, primarily due to an increased likelihood of chargebacks, finding a payment processor that understands and caters to this unique model is essential.

With over a decade of experience supporting continuity and subscription merchants, Host Merchant Services offers specialized payment processing solutions designed to mitigate these challenges. Our expertise ensures that your business can effortlessly accept subscription payments, minimizing the worries of account complications and chargebacks and letting you focus on what you do best.

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What Are Continuity Subscription Merchants?

What Are Continuity Subscription Merchants?

The continuity subscription merchants ope­rate on a unique business mode­l revolving around monthly customer payments for provide­d goods or services. These­ merchants offer a wide range­ of products, including tangible items like magazine­ subscriptions, curated subscription boxes, and health supple­ments shipped to customers.

The­y also offers intangible products such as exclusive­ content access and software subscriptions, like­ Amazon Prime and McAfee Antivirus. Customers nee­d only sign up once, allowing merchant billing systems to automatically charge­ monthly credit cards until subscriptions are cancele­d through card companies. To attract new customers, me­rchants often provide free­ trials before starting regular billing cycle­s. However, customers must note­ trial end dates to avoid unexpe­cted credit card charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A continuity & subscription merchant account refers to a specialized merchant account allowing businesses to charge customers periodically for a service or product, commonly seen in monthly subscription models.

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Host Merchant Services has transformed our continuity subscription business! Their seamless merchant services ensure reliable recurring payments, while their attentive support team resolves any issues promptly. Thanks to them, managing our subscription model has never been easier.

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San Francisco, California

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