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The CBD industry is growing fast, but it has its challenges. This industry is considered high-risk, and CBD merchants face multiple hurdles in securing a dependable CBD merchant account. Despite these challenges, Host Merchant Services offers a beacon of hope, specializing in providing stable, reliable merchant solutions tailored for CBD businesses. Our services ensure seamless credit and debit card transactions, eliminating the common problems of account shutdowns and frozen funds. With a focus on easing the path for established and emerging CBD retailers, we are committed to keeping your operations smooth and your transactions effortless.

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How Can You Get Your CBD Merchant Account?

How Can You Get Your CBD Merchant Account?

CBD sellers who plan to take credit cards and popular payments for their business require a high-risk CBD merchant account. Applying for a CBD merchant account is easy. Before you apply, you should ensure that your CBD business follows regulations on THC levels in sold products. Sellers with under 0.3 percent THC can apply through Host Merchant Services. Remember that 0.3 percent THC is the ‘legal limit’ set by the government.

To start with Host Merchant Services, gather the needed documents:

  • Voided check
  • Personal ID
  • Chargeback processing statements
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Social Security Number
  • A Fulfillment Agreement

Also, having a secure, compliant website is critical for approval. After submitting information and documents, your account manager will thoroughly review them before guiding you on the best payment solutions. You can quickly process CBD transactions without hassle by diligently following these steps and partnering with Host Merchant Services Processing solutions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

cbd merchant account

To enable your business to accept digital payments for CBD products, a CBD merchant account is required. This facilitates transactions using credit cards, debit cards, and ACH, eliminating the need for "cash only" signs at the register. However, for CBD sales, most merchants will require a high-risk CBD merchant account paired with an acceptable CBD payment gateway.

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Host Merchant Services has been a game-changer for our CBD business! Their specialized merchant account services ensure seamless transactions, while their knowledgeable support team navigates the complex regulations effortlessly. Thanks to them, managing payments for our CBD products has become hassle-free.

Emily Green

Denver, Colorado

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