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Teen Merchant and Entrepreneur Resources : Business, Finance and Economics

As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm.” Success comes to those who are ready and prepared. It is important to understand in an early age the concepts of business, economics and finance. These concepts will help make or break your future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate as of April 2011 is at 13.7 million. Recession has been a factor in people losing their jobs. Do you want to be part of the unemployed? If not, shape yourself to be a future executive and worry no more. Start now with these online resources in business, finance and economics. Many companies accept credit cards to take payments using a credit card processing companies such as Host Merchant Services. The term credit card in this case can be associated with other type of electronic payments such as, EBT, gift, or debit cards. BUSINESS: For Teachers For Students
  • Teen Business Link: Want your own business? This website is especially designed for teens like you to get started in the entrepreneurial field.
  • Business News for Kids: If you think business is boring, think again. This website delivers business news and articles in an easy way to make you understand even a complicated business concept.
  • Hot Shot Business: Learn and enjoy at the same time with this online Disney game where you can get to handle a comic shop.
  • U.S. Small Business Administration FAQs: Got any questions on the basics of business? You can brush up on important facts with this question and answer type article about teen entrepreneurs.
  • Titan: Are you an aspiring future CEO? Now you can be a CEO with this simulation business game. Registration is required.
  • Build a Socially Conscious Business: Test your business persona with this online game.
  • Invent Now: Tap your creativity and the entrepreneur in you with cool resources from this site.
ECONOMICS: For Teachers For Students
  • The Economics Website: Worry no more if you don’t know a thing about economics. This site has easy to read economics topics. You can even take a quiz afterwards to know how much you understand a certain topic.
  • Peanuts & Crackerjacks: Who says economics and sports don’t match? This online game can help you learn about economics through sports.
  • NBC Macroeconomics: People are mostly visual learners and these videos can help you learn more about economics and news around the world.
  • The Prisoner’s Dilemma: A neat interactive game to learn economics.
  • Pursuit! On the Trail of Economic Growth: In this simulation game, not only you will learn about economics but also history as well!
  • Economic Literacy Test: How well do you know economic principles? Take this quiz to find out!
  • Show Business: The Economics of Entertainment: Combining entertainment and economics has never been this fun! Learn about the entertainment industry and the economics behind it.
FINANCE: For Teachers
  • Your Financial Future Level One: Finding it hard to teach student about finance? Let this PDF document by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship guide you in teaching students about the basics of finance.
  • Understanding Risk and Return: This is a useful lesson plan to help students understand the concept of risk and return.
  • My Side of the Mountain: Integrate Literature and Finance with this PDF lesson plan to help students learn about human capital.
  • The Stock Market Game: Give your class a fun, learning experience by registering in the stock market game and letting them participate in it.
  • The First Bank of the United States: Want to teach banking and history at the same time? This is a good PDF document to help students understand the history of banking in the United States.
  • Money Math: Lessons for Life: This PDF document contains lessons to help students understand personal finances and human capital.
For Students
  • How to Earn Money by Saving Money: Are you interested to learn how to save and earn money at the same time? If you are, then read this useful article.
  • Finance Quest: Have fun with this online game that will teach you how to manage your money and understand government finance issues.
  • Young Money: Do you know how to save, invest and spend money? Learn from the experts in Young Money.
  • Gen I Revolution: Are you looking for a fun game? Look no more as this game combines finance and fun with 15 missions that one has to solve.
  • Virtual Stock Exchange: Curious on how the stock exchange works? Get a change to have your own virtual stocks with this online game.
  • Bank Products: What’s Insured and What’s Not: If you are interested to learn more about how banks work, this is a very good read.
  • Personal Finance: Even at a young age, it is a must to be aware of personal finance. This site offers great resources to help you manage your money wisely.
  • Finance Online Games: These set of games are fun and interesting that you would not even notice that you are already learning finance while playing.
  • Credits and Debit: Understanding Practical Money Management: More great links on properly using debit and credits cards, as well as tips for responsible spending.