Website Owner Partnership

As a company that does business through a website, you are going to need e-commerce services for both your own company and the companies of customers that you serve.

Host Merchant Services will work with you to find the e-commerce package that suits your company specifically. We tailor our services to integrate seamlessly with your website allowing you to start processing quickly and easily.

We offer a partnership program to consolidate your e-commerce services and make them easy to use. With this partnership program you get:

  • A fully designed portal site customized to your specific company.
  • Increased revenue as your customers can now utilize HMS processing services through your portal site.
  • Savings for your own company through our processing services.
  • Access to the gateways and technologies we support for e-commerce, including both Transaction Central and
  • Assistance integrating the gateway into your website or shopping cart.


We work with major e-commerce packages like Magneto and osCommerce and can accomodate your site’s current setup to fit our services and get you saving money on processing as quickly as possible.

Click here to see a list of our current partners.

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