Web Host Partnership

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Host Merchant Services offers a partnership program that specifically targets Web Hosting companies. Once you partner with HMS you can offer merchant services quickly and easily to your end customers.

We create your partner portal site for you, so you can start selling services with absolutely no work involved on your part. We tailor the site to fit your hosting company’s individual goals, branding and products.

It is that targeting that sets Host Merchant Services apart. HMS has unparalleled expertise in the field of web hosting and can offer insight and support with an eye towards your specific needs. This expertise extends from the company’s top executive and his prior experience founding a successful web hosting company. Added to that is HMS’ dedication to the highest quality customer service.

Partnering with HMS can bring your company increased revenue through the amount of processing your end customers require. With our low rates we’re saving your customers money on each transaction they process. We’re also able to get you savings on your own company’s processing.

Also as part of our service to give you a complete and custom package, we will assist your customers in using and integrating any e-commerce solutions your company already offers. We have the flexibility to fit your needs and will save your company money. We guarantee it.

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