Upcoming SBA Rule Changes to Affect Small Businesses

During the events at National Small Business Week the Small Business Administration announced upcoming changes due to take effect on July 22, 2013. These changes shift what defines how “small business” is defined. The administration is increasing the size standards in 70 industries. These standards lay out the maximum size a firm can be and…

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Don’t Overlook Small Business Saturday

For the past couple of weeks The Official Merchant Services Blog has been preparing you for the Holiday Shopping Season. We’ve discussed a lot of different strategies and services that merchants can use to boost their businesses on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Much of what we’ve covered also applies to going forward through the…

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Advantages of Online Credit Card Processing

The e-commerce industry’s existence hinges on thriving and healthy online credit card processing. People who own businesses today utilize online payment gateways and online credit card processing because of an increasing number of consumers that shop online and own credit cards. Here are some points outlining the advantages of obtaining online credit card services like those you can find at Host Merchant Services: