PCI Compliance

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Guide to EMV Compliance

EMV compliance states that a point-of-sale layout can accept EMV-compatible credit cards. The business also has a reader for handling EMV cards. If a customer enters a store and inserts their credit card into a machine slot, that store complies with EMV rules. The store at issue is probably not EMV compliant if it can …

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What is Tokenization in Payments?

If you accept credit card payments, security should be your utmost concern. Amid the PCI compliance issues, tokenization is one of the primary issues/concerns all businesses should know and understand. What is Tokenization? It sounds complicated by tokenization is literally replacing important numbers with ‘tokens’ or a string of numbers/characters for security purposes. The numbers …

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Get PCI Compliant

Payment Card Industry compliance refers to a specific grouping of standards that have been set up to help ensure that customer data is being secured uniformly throughout the industry. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express set up the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council over 13 years ago in 2006 with a view to helping …

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Tokenizaton Makes Card use Safe

Safeguarding Stored Cardholder Data with Tokenization In this era of connectivity, consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety of their personal data. Leaders in the merchant services industry are actively engaged in developing new ways to protect customer information. Here at Host Merchant Services, we commit to security by providing our clients with tokenization, the …

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AlignCloud and HMS partner up

Host Merchant Services, an industry leading provider of payment processing and e-commerce services for small and medium businesses, announced a promising new partnership with cloud consulting firm AlignCloud. This partnership is the product of extensive research and collaboration and the bold new alliance  represents an exciting opportunity for customers to benefit from the combined expertise of …

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PCI Guidelines for Mobile Apps

Today the Official Merchant Services Blog will examine the PCI Security Standards Council’s most recent guidelines, and their slow crawl towards comprehensive security requirements for mobile devices. On Thursday, the PCI Security Standards Council released a set of best practices geared toward software developers of mobile devices.  These guidelines come four months after they released …

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