PayPal President Hacked

Twitter, the modern equivalent of Mad Libs and the yellow journalism of the late 19th century, has revealed to us a gem of irony that makes the whole Target getting hacked story seem that much more poignant. No one is safe in this bold new era of credit card hackers and identity thieves. Not even…

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Stripe, Transparency, and User Rights

Online payment processor Stripe announced on Friday, that the company is committing to transparency and user rights for its customers, following the lead of Google, Twitter, and Host Merchant Services.  For today’s edition of the Official Merchant Services Blog, we will introduce Stripe, as well as discuss what these recent steps mean for the company,…

Mobile Payment Processing

Discover Teams Up with PayPal

The Official Merchant Services Blog continues to shine its spotlight of educational information directly on the Mobile Payments Industry. This bristling business sector keeps creating buzz among payment processing persons as well as overall economic assortments. One minute people are predicting hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue will get generated by consumers embracing the…