SOPA: Rebuttal of RIAA Opinion Pt. 1

The RIAA just won’t quit. They’re taken up the crusade to push for anti-piracy legislation once again, as seen in this New York Times Op-Ed piece titled “What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You” written by Cary H. Sherman,chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America, which represents music labels. The content of the piece is incendiary, and…

The Durbin Amendment is big news right now for merchant services providers

Durbin Saga: Banks Reconsider Fees

The Official Merchant Services Blog brings you a breaking news story following the ongoing aftermath of the Durbin Amendment legislation. Yesterday, Bank of America announced it was going to cancel its $5 monthly debit card fee plan. This falls in line with similar announcements from Sun Trust, Regions Financial Corp., JP Morgan Chase & Co.…