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The ERR Pricing Trap

In recent weeks I have personally spoken with numerous merchants who want to try and understand their monthly statement better. It seems like some providers of credit card processing have come up with a game: “confuse the merchant”. Different combinations of low rates and high fees or vice versa. One pricing structure that I have…

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Industry Terms: Interchange

This is the latest installment in The Official Merchant Services Blog’s Knowledge Base effort. Well we want to make the payment processing industry’s terms and buzzwords clear. We want to remove any and all confusion merchants might have about how the industry works. Host Merchant Services promises: the company delivers personal service and clarity. So we’re going to take…

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Finding Quality Merchant Services

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog is playing a bit of catch up. The story we’re going to highlight and discuss is almost three weeks old. It was intended to run earlier, but technical difficulties with the blog’s production kept it from appearing until now. However, we feel the story is still worth some attention…