Mobile Commerce Concerns

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog turns its tech-obsessed eyes once again to the Mobile Payment Solution sector. Recently, Host Merchant Services became fully mobile and able to offer a mobile payment solution for Android and iPhone devices. This expansion continues, and HMS now also provides a payment processing solution for iPads as well. You…

Host Merchant Services writes about Google Plus

Google+ is Here for Businesses

The Official Merchant Services Blog has been following Google+ and its beta for awhile now. We previously detailed the potential upside of Google+ for small businesses in this blog entry. The major setback to Google+ for businesses at that point time was that Google hadn’t fully allowed businesses to function in Google+. That changed three…


Magic 8-Ball on Mobile Payments

Magic 8-Ball on Mobile Payments: Outlook Hazy, Ask Again Later Mobile Payments are getting a lot of press right now and are being heralded as the future of commerce. There are quite a few media sources playing the role of prognosticator, tagging Mobile Payments as a billion dollar boom waiting to explode. But as we…