Social Media Commerce: Tweet, Like, Buy

Today’s installment of the Official Merchant Services Blog is on the rise of E-commerce in social media. Last week, we covered the E-commerce offerings of the video game industry in detail. Today, I’d like to take a look at the role E-commerce is beginning to play in the realm of Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.…


Facebook Accused of Click Fraud

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog delves into the intricate and fascinating world of social media marketing and the pitfalls of Click Fraud. Our interest stems from a recent news story: Limited Pressing, an e-commerce company provides a platform for selling digital music and physical items, stated that they are dropping their Facebook page and removing…


Mobile Commerce Concerns

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog turns its tech-obsessed eyes once again to the Mobile Payment Solution sector. Recently, Host Merchant Services became fully mobile and able to offer a mobile payment solution for Android and iPhone devices. This expansion continues, and HMS now also provides a payment processing solution for iPads as well. You…

Host Merchant Services feature on social gifting for e-commerce and mobile payments

Trending … Social Gifting

The Official Merchant Services Blog keeps its finger on the pulse of e-commerce, and today we’re giving you the scoop on the latest hot trend … Social Gifting. What is Social Gifting? Social Gifting is the activity where consumers on social media channels like Facebook can individually, or in groups, purchase gifts for their friends. Virtual…


Facebook Attacks Clickjackers

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog takes a look at one of the latest and most twisted developments in online marketing: Clickjacking. This topic comes up because of a new lawsuit that is making the news. Facebook has filed a lawsuit against the company Adscend Media. The suit claims Adscend developed targeted spam campaigns and encouraged others…

E-Commerce booms during the holiday shopping season

Mobile Gift Cards

The Official Merchant Services Blog continues its ongoing coverage of the upcoming holiday shopping season and how it will impact the thriving E-Commerce industry. Yesterday’s blog took a look at some of the statistics revolving around 2010’s holiday shopping profits as well as detailing a trend among online shoppers to begin their holiday shopping in the…