Customer Service: A Big Challenge for Payment Processors

The credit and debit card industry thrives on payment processors and the services they offer; unfortunately, customer support seems to be taking a backseat to other factors for many companies. At Host Merchant Services, we believe there is an unfortunate financial motive at play that explains why this is happening. Consolidation is one of the…


The Death of E-Commerce?

I just sat down at my desk and took a few moments to read Antonio Regalado’s fascinating column on E-Commerce from MIT Technology Review. I recommend it to anyone who runs a business, or really anyone who plans to buy something in the next month or two — you know, during the Holiday Shopping Season.…

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VexxHost Partnership

One constant struggle that we’ve seen with our customers is the ability to perform credit card transactions on their website.  While there are plenty of credit card processing companies in the market, it always seems like you need a degree in finance in order to understand all the fees involved, not to mention the plethora of documentation to go through.…

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Customer Service Pitfalls Part 3

The Official Merchant Services Blog finishes its titanic trilogy on the affect Customer Service can have on a business. In our first blog we discussed anecdotal evidence and how it pertains to the perception of service and what can be learned from those anecdotes. In our second blog we took at look at the numbers, examining charts of…