Mobile Payment Processing

What Brand is Your Wallet?

Today The Official Merchant Services Blog keeps examining the rapidly growing payment processing sector of Mobile Payments. With an never ending stream of deals being made by startups and established companies developing the latest gimmicks and technology to bring mobile payments and mobile wallets to the average everyday U.S. consumer driving the marketplace, it’s easy…


Android Phone Now Takes Payments

Host Merchant Services finally gets to make this announcement official: All mobile payment solutions the company offers now feature both iPhone and Android compatibility. On February 28, 2012 Host Merchant Services teased through its Facebook Page that it would have big news regarding HMS and Mobile Payments in March. But technical difficulties with the full release of Payfox’s Android solution held the…


Payfox for Android Coming Soon

On February 28, 2012 Host Merchant Services teased through its Facebook Page that it would have big news regarding HMS and Mobile Payments in March. The Official Merchant Services Blog is here to give you that big news. Sort of. The news is that Payfox will be usable for Android phones as well as the…

E-Commerce booms during the holiday shopping season

Virtual Gifting

The Official Merchant Services Blog continues its series focusing on the upcoming holiday shopping season and how the e-commerce industry is shaping the future of shopping. Yesterday we looked at Mobile Gift Cards and studied their potential to be a popular gift giving idea. They can end up being extremely easy to use and very…