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Newark Delaware – Payment processing firm Host Merchant Services has just received an A+ rating from a (CPO), a prestigious industry analyst. With this development, HMS achieves well-deserved recognition for its innovative practices. Over the years, CPO has reviewed and rated a wide variety of credit card processing firms. In the course of comparing companies, the reviewer considers criteria like marketing methods, cost structures and contract requirements. Beyond looking at standard information sources like Better Business Bureau scores, CPO analysts use their deep-seated experience to assign company ratings.

By awarding Host Merchant Services an A+ rating, CPO asserts that this processor uses flawless business practices in all measurable areas. In particular, the reviewer singles out HMS’s flexible contract structure, which features no term length or early cancellation fees. In the words of CPO, HMS uses contract terms that are “transparent and highly competitive.”

As modern society moves towards a cashless future, it is critical for entrepreneurs to accept credit cards with ease. Companies with modernized payment acceptance can establish themselves as contemporary, flexible and customer-focused. Critically acclaimed payment processors play an important role in modern business development. For Host Merchant Services, the outstanding new rating from CPO is more than a formality. It signifies that HMS’s groundbreaking practices are finding a receptive audience from merchants and business experts alike.

“We are honored to receive an A+ rating from and believe that this ranking affirms our culture and commitment to providing a premium service in the credit card processing business.  Our focus on outstanding service, premium product offerings, transparent business practices, and low rates is a combination that customers truly appreciate,” said Lou Honick, CEO.

In its review, CPO notes that HMS has garnered plenty of positive Web reviews and testimonials. In fact, CPO failed to turn up even one customer complaint or negative review. This reflects widespread satisfaction with the credit card processing company’s value proposition. Offering free equipment, guaranteed low rates and 24/7 customer support, HMS does more than its share to raise the bar in its industry.

Honest and transparent in its dealings, HMS provides customers with statements that are clear and easy to read. Additionally, the processor does not impose application fees, hidden charges or monthly minimums. With promising qualities like these, HMS is a practical choice for companies large and small.

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about privacy and information security. HMS recognizes these needs and provides cutting-edge security measures like enterprise-class encryption and tokenization. These are a just a few of the reasons HMS has truly earned its new A+ rating and many other accolades. The company is committed to continually raising its standards, adapting to meet the needs of all merchants who accept credit cards.

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Based in Delaware, with offices in Denver, Colorado, and Naples, Florida, HMS is a new kind of company with a global focus and an expansive vision for the future of merchant services. All of this company’s products are designed to improve profitability for business-savvy entrepreneurs. While maintaining low rates, HMS continually refines its product offerings and customer service procedures. To ensure customer satisfaction, HMS offers a low rate guarantee, free equipment, and 24/7 technical support that is unsurpassed in its industry.

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