Host Merchant Services and Focus Arrow Announce Partnership

NEWARK, DE — (February 2013) — Host Merchant Services (HMS), an industry leading provider of payment processing and e-commerce services for small and medium businesses, has announced a strategic partnership with customer satisfaction survey company Focus Arrow to provide merchant accounts and transaction processing services to Focus Arrow’s customers and valuable insight through customer surveys to customers of HMS.

Focus Arrow’s CEO Brian Raboin started the company in 2011 with the desire to help companies gain valuable insight into customer feedback. Focus Arrow utilizes a concept known as net promoter discipline. This idea is based on the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) and additional comments left by customers to create actionable analytics for the business.

NPS® is a calculation of customers’ responses to a question similar to “How likely are you to refer ‘Example Company’, service, or product to a friend or colleague?” on a scale from 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely). These responses are then categorized as detractors (0-6), passives (7-8) or promoters (9-10). Finally to calculate NPS® divide the number of responses by the number of promoters minus the number of detractors (passives essentially are neutral). Therefore a company can have a NPS score in the range of -100 to +100.

The value that Host Merchant Services and Focus Arrow realize in a net promoter discipline lies in actionable insight. This data enables the company to respond to the customer in the case of negative feedback. This closed loop system creates trust that the feedback the respondent is giving is being read and acted upon. The resulting change caused by the survey responses each month are then communicated to the customer again reassuring he or she that their opinion matters and is held in the highest regard.

“We are excited to work with a company with such a strong customer driven focus as Host Merchant Services has,” said Raboin. “This partnership is a great example of how a company that is motivated to go above and beyond for their customers really has the advantage in competitive marketplaces.”

HMS CEO Lou Honick added, “Host Merchant Services believes that customer service is paramount in any business. Focus Arrow’s real-time, actionable data straight from the customer can enable businesses to provide the best service and support while promoting growth through positive feedback.”

This partnership is part of an overall strategy to provide businesses in other industries a seamless way to
integrate a merchant credit card processing solution to their clients that is backed by 24x7x365 customer support and a skilled technical support team to assist them in quickly integrating the service to their website.

About Focus Arrow

Since 2011, Focus Arrow has strived to provide valuable customer feedback through a concept known as net promoter discipline. Focus Arrow provides the tools, expertise, and processes that will allow any company to consistently collect customer feedback and provide analysis, making it tangible for their entire organization to turn it into actions that will increase customer loyalty and improve growth. From high level customer segmentation, down to each and every customer interaction, Focus Arrow provides the real-time data feedback to consistently cultivate and focus everyone on their ability to impact the customer experience.

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About Host Merchant Services

Host Merchant Services is different type of merchant services company which focuses on delivering the industry’s lowest processing rates while providing industry-leading service and support. The company’s products include merchant services and credit card processing. Host Merchant Services is the only merchant services company that guarantees unsurpassed pricing, support, and customer service. The company is headquartered in Newark, Delaware and executes all operations with the manifesto of “great service, great rates, great people”.

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