Merchants that accept payment cards will soon be able to process PayPal transactions!


Host Merchant Services is pleased to offer PayPal In-Store Acceptance. PayPal will soon be issuing payment cards to its customer base, and a merchant’s payment card acceptance will automatically open the door to PayPal acceptance as well. That could mean new customers for your merchants — and increased profits for both them and you!


Spread the word — if you accept payment cards, you can now accept PayPal. Contact Host Merchant Services for more information.


Isn’t PayPal an online payment service?


Yes, but PayPal is expanding its offerings to include in-store payment as well. In this program, all merchants that accept payment cards will also have the option to accept PayPal as a payment method.


How will PayPal In-Store Acceptance work?


PayPal will be providing its more than 55 million members with a payment card. This card will include a magnetic stripe, just like those on current payment cards. The user will simply swipe the card at a point-of-sale terminal, just as he or she does with a credit card, to pay for a transaction.