Thanks for stopping by to participate in our $100 Statement Challenge!

Here are Host Merchant Services we love saving money, and we have a hunch that you do too!

Host Merchant Services guarantees to save you money on your credit card processing. We are so gosh darn sure that we can save you money that we rolled out this challenge. Are you up to it?

If we can’t save you money, we will give you a $100 Gift Card!

To participate in this challenge and reveal your potential savings (or snag your $100), simply fill out the form here and attach a statement for us to analyze! But wait, there’s more …

We are willing to give you a $25 gift card simply for submitting your statement! You don’t need to do anything else, just upload your most recent statement in the form below and you will get a $25 gift card sent to you.

Why do we need your statements? Submitting your most recent merchant statement to Host Merchant Services allows us to determine what your exact monthly and annual savings will be with HMS.*

Don’t worry, we promise to protect your data and never share it with a third party. Click here to view our privacy policy.

*Assuming same credit card volume, average ticket, and card mix!

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