Dejavoo Z8 Credit Card Machine

The versatile and convenient Dejavoo Z8 is perfect for any small to medium sized business. With such features as the frequently used option located in the “favorites” menu, it can provide a great user experience.

The LCD screen boasts a backlight for low visibilty, function keys on the keypad, and the size is convenient for any countertop.

Dejavoo Z8 Features:

  • EMV and NFC contactless payments
  • Ethernet, Dial-up Modem, 2 x RS232,
    2 x USB, WiFi
  • Tri-comm capability (Dial, IP, WiFi)
  • 2.4″ color LCD screen
  • PCI PTS certified
  • Built-in NFC contactless
  • 32 bits 400Mhz Secure Microprocessor
  • Display logo on screen and print logo on transaction receipts

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