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Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

College students are commonly targeted for identity theft. Because they are such common victims of identity theft, Host Merchant Services recommends taking a few simple steps to protect your identity: – Secure your mail. Campus mailboxes are often easily accessed in a dorm or apartment. Have sensitive mail sent to a permanent address such as …

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The Countdown Begins

Host Merchant Services has been ahead of the curve on the Durbin Amendment, and its impact on the merchant services industry. The amendment takes effect on October 1, 2011. Between now and then The Official Merchant Services Blog is going to link to and analyze a new article from an outside source that discusses the …

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Video Games embrace e-commerce

E-Commerce is getting rather commonplace these days. Shopping online is becoming ingrained in our life and part of our culture. And this opens up many opportunities for payment processing firms such as Host Merchant Services. Trailing behind the public’s general acceptance of shopping for stuff online and having it delivered to their doorstep is the …

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