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Bonsai Mobile Analytics for Iphone

Manage with Confidence

Having the right information to make a decision is crucial to managing a restaurant. Never before has it been so easy to get realtime data on how your restaurant is running. With the Bonsai mobile restaurant analytics app the power is in your pocket. Quickly check up on operations from sales to payroll. Best of all, Bonsai mobile analytics suite is included with Bonsai workstations, express stations, and tablets. No special subscription needed. Get a smart POS that gives you what you need with Bonsai Point of Sale.

Realtime Restaurant Stats from Anywhere

Access real time stats and reporting from your iPhone with the Bonsai Mobile Analytics app. Manage from anywhere in the world. Restaurant analytics help you monitor sales, specials, payroll and more. Bonsai Mobile Analytics utilizes smart-predict technology that references real historical data to accurately forecast rushes. Is the special working? Are you overstaffed for current sales? Is an employee about to hit overtime? Get all the answers. With Bonsai the power is yours.

Restaurant Analytics and Reporting


  • Daily Sales
  • Weekly Sales
  • Monthly Sales
  • Open Checks
  • Closed Checks
  • Specials Tracking
  • Historical Changes


  • Daily, weekly, monthly payroll
  • Realtime payroll cost
  • On the clock trackers
  • Covers FOH/BOH
  • Imminent overtime warning
  • Rush Forecasting using smart-predict technology