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nft trends

Hottest NFT Trends You Need to Be Aware Of

NFT investors became a bit worried about their investments after seeing a sharp decline in the sales of NFT in the first half of 2021….

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smaller brands use the metaverse

Software Designed Augmented Reality To Help Smaller Brands Use The Metaverse

The Metaverse is now one of the most touted topics in the digital domain. It is reportedly an extension of the augmented reality, virtual reality,…

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login methods other than a password

61% of Consumers Would Be Comfortable With Login Methods Other Than a Password

Digital security has now become a major concern, as several consumers choose online platforms for shopping, banking, paying bills, and any other transaction. According to…

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amazon unveils strategy

Amazon Unveils Strategy to Ensure Timely Holiday Delivery

According to the company’s blog on Monday, to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, Amazon has invested heavily in its transportation capabilities and spent nearly…

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Rand Paul Wonders if Crypto Will Become World Reserve Currency

Rand Paul Wonders if Crypto Will Become World Reserve Currency

Rand Paul, a US Senator from Kentucky, is questioning if Bitcoin, which is gaining in popularity, has the potential to overtake the dollar as the…

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bakkt stock nears $25 per share

Bakkt Stock Nears $25 Per Share After MasterCard Crypto Team-Up

Bakkt, a cryptocurrency technology provider, had a significant uptick in value on as a result of its relationship with MasterCard, which provides cryptocurrency access to…

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walmart to offer bitcoin atm withdrawals

Walmart to offer Bitcoin ATM withdrawals

Customers of the popular US retail chain will be able to buy Bitcoins (BTC) at its storefronts starting this week, according to the company. For…

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walmart offers

Walmart+ Offers Cash-Back Promo for New Members

Walmart recently announced that customers who join Walmart+ would receive $9.95 in cashback that may be used towards the cost of their next online purchase…

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bank of america unveils account validation

Bank of America Unveils Account Validation for Public Sector & Corporate Clients

Bank of America –one of the leading financial institutions in the world, has launched the concept of Account Validation for assisting public sector and corporate…

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payu token

PayU Token Hub Will Help Card Networks and Banks With Tokenization

PayU –a leading online payment service provider, had made the announcement of launching its own tokenization solution –referred to as ‘PayU Token Hub.’ The given…

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api banking

How Banks Use API to Fulfill Commercial Banking, Payment Expectations?

As banks all around are making their ways into the field of digitization, the overall customer expectations are rising day by day. The given digital…

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american express introduces debit card

American Express Introduces Debit Card, Digital Checking Account for Small Busines

American Express – the famous card issuing company for small businesses in the United States, has unveiled the fully digital form of Business Checking Account…

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lemonade launches car insurance platform

Lemonade Launches Car Insurance Platform in Illinois

The third quarter is the earning season for most industries, but the digital insurance provider – Lemonade, is focusing more on its service expansion instead…

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allbirds makes public debut

Allbirds Makes Public Debut; Nike Links Loyalty Program With Dick’s Sporting Goods

The shares of Allbirds, the famous shoemaker, have seen a surge of 90%, as the company’s valuation has reached $4.1 billion. Allbirds is popular for…

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google start requiring 2 factor authentication

Google to Start Requiring 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on Accounts

Google had announced that it would enroll as many Google users to the two-factor authentication security as possible by the end of this year. They…

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