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Restaurants Feeling the Negative Effects of the Pandemic as Winter Approaches

More than 100,000 restaurants have closed since the start of the pandemic and as many as 40% of restaurant owners don’t think their restaurant will…

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Five Ways to Boost Restaurant Sales During COVID19

If there’s one industry that’s been hit the hardest in COVID-19, it’s restaurants. Between the stay-at-home orders, limited capacities, and stark regulations to stay open,…

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Seven Tips for Marketing Your Restaurant in 2020

Your restaurant marketing determines your restaurant’s success, especially during the pandemic. Life is difficult for so many industries but with the right steps, you can…

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Tipping Goes Virtual as COVID19 Impacts US Restaurants

COVID-19 has affected restaurants harder than many other industries mainly due to the lack of cash flow. Not that restaurants aren’t making the money, they…

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Chinese Fintech Firm, Ant Group, Forced to Postpone Record IPO

China made a surprising decision when they postponed Ant Group Co.’s IPO. The decision caused Hong Kong shares to plummet and made investors wonder about…

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COVID19 Drives Adoption of Contactless Payments and Curbside Pickup

Today, shopping retail and even picking up food at a restaurant looks different. Most customers prefer contactless payments and curbside pickup. They are the norm…

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Top Ways Merchants Can Succeed During the Holidays in 2020

This is an article about how Merchants can succeed during the 2020 Holidays

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What is a payment Gateway

If you accept credit card payments you’ll likely use a payment gateway whether you accept credit cards in a brick-and-mortar store or online. The gateway…

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What is PCI Compliance and Why is it Important?

If you accept credit cards, you must understand and implement PCI compliance – it is required by all merchant services providers. The good news is…

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What is Tokenization in Payments?

If you accept credit card payments, security should be your utmost concern. Amid the PCI compliance issues, tokenization is one of the primary issues/concerns all…

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How Does an EMV Transaction Work?

The latest introduction to credit card safety includes the EMV transaction or Europay, Mastercard, and Visa. EMV represents every chip card in existence today and offers more…

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Retail Payments: Consumer Confidence Rises in September Despite Uncertain Outlook

As we work our way through the pandemic, it’s common to look at consumer confidence to see where consumers stand. The good news is that…

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B2B Payments: Pandemic Pushes Many Businesses to Automate Accounts Receivables

Chasing money from clients is probably one of the least desirable parts of owning a business. It takes away from many other tasks you could…

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Retail Trends: What to Expect for the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season

The 2020 holiday shopping season is going to look a lot different this year. As we make our way through the pandemic still, retail trends…

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Amazon Unveils New Technology Allowing Consumers to Pay with their Palms

Now you can turn your hand into a credit card, literally with Amazon Payments. Amazon One allows consumers to pay with their palms, but only…

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