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Payment Processing Trends

Payment Processing Trends That are Taking Shape for 2023

In the world of e-commerce and online retail, businesses need to be constantly adapting to the changes that are happening in real time. There are…

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2023 trends for global payments

Worldwide and International Payment Trends to Follow in 2023

People around the world have drastically changed their lifestyles and the way that people operate in the world are significantly different since the pandemic. Due…

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ACH Technology News and Innovations to Watch

Automated Clearing House, also known as ACH technology is used by many businesses to process electronic payments. It’s a fast and easy way to send…

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increase revenue with subscription

How To Maximize Revenue with Recurring Payments

Introduction Recurring payments are a great way to increase revenue and maximize your eCommerce store’s capabilities. With recurring payments, you can set up monthly or…

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efficient pos for a good customer experience

Important Ways a Great Retail Point of Sale Can Improve Your Business

A recent study found that poor customer service costs American businesses $62 billion annually in lost revenue. Simply reading this statement should be enough to…

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Disrupt the Payments Industry

How Existing Players and New Innovators will Disrupt the Payments Industry

The payment industry is undergoing a major shift, with the emergence of new players and traditional firms introducing new products and services. Innovators are disrupting…

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Ways to Drive ACH Payments

Top Ways to Drive ACH Payments and The Benefits of Getting Paid by ACH

ACH payments are fast, secure, and an extremely common way for businesses to send or receive money. ACH payments are typically processed within two business…

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SaaS Payment Trends for 2023

Top 8 Key SaaS Payment Trends for 2023

The upcoming SaaS payment trends for 2023 are a bit different than what you might be expecting. While we have seen SaaS flatten out at…

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restaurant POS system

Top Ways to Optimize Your Point of Sale System For Restaurant

It is not uncommon for restaurant owners to frequently mistake POS systems for simply cash registers or a tool that only allows you to accept…

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Marketing Tricks to increase profits

Amazing E-commerce Marketing Tricks to Boost Sales

With new competitors appearing almost daily, only those E-commerce store owners who go above and beyond for their customers have the ability to stand out…

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E-Commerce Payment Trends for 2023

Can’t Miss E-Commerce Payment Trends for 2023

Whether you already have an eCommerce store or plan to open one in the coming months, giving your customers the best possible experience is critical….

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Top Mobile Payment Trends In 2023

Top Mobile Payments Trends and Predictions for 2023

Although customers are returning to in-person shopping, because of the new technologies they have had access to, most people are unwilling to give up the…

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Top Fintech Trends in 2023

Top Fintech Trends in 2023 To Watch

This past year has been challenging for a variety of reasons. Constantly adjusting to new circumstances has become the standard norm for businesses worldwide, as…

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Why Attitude Beats Aptitude When Hiring

The hiring process can be extremely time-consuming and requires significant resources as well as an ongoing effort from your human resources department. For example, in…

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NorthOne Raises $67 Million and Strives to Become Digital Finance Department for Small Businesses

It is general knowledge, particularly among those working in financial services, that the COVID-19 pandemic drastically enhanced the demand for digital products and digital banking…

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