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Durbin Amendment Ready To Go [2023 Update]

The Official Merchant Services Blog continues to keep its finger on the pulse of the Durbin Amendment media buzz. The legislation that marks regulation that caps debit card swipe fees...

Roundup of What Durbin Will Change

The changes to interchange fees and debit card transactions brought on by the Durbin Amendment are just days away. The Official Merchant Services Blog is going to give its readers...

Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

College students are commonly targeted for identity theft. Because they are such common victims of identity theft, Host Merchant Services recommends taking a few simple steps to protect your identity:...

The Countdown Begins

Host Merchant Services has been ahead of the curve on the Durbin Amendment, and its impact on the merchant services industry. The amendment takes effect on October 1, 2011. Between...

HMSExpress is the answer

Here are a couple of questions asked on in an article titled How Can I Streamline My E-Commerce Operation? The questions asked were: Is it possible to allow customers...

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