What TransFirst Merchant Services Provide Versus Host Merchant Services

TransFirst Merchant Services provides a helpful approach to handling business transactions. People looking for high-value merchant service solutions should see what TransFirst provides for many work needs, but it also helps to compare what it features with what you might find through other parties of value. TransFirst is a simple option, but it may not be ideal for all people who need extra support.

About TransFirst

TransFirst was acquired by TSYS in 2016 and has been serving businesses of all sizes and industries. The company has an annual processing value worth more than $30 billion.

TransFirst provides quality services directly through TSYS and independent sales organizations or ISOs. The company has been helping people manage their merchant service functions since its formation in 1995.

TransFirst has a platform that receives full support from various banks from around the world. TransFirst is supported by such grounds as the Wells Fargo Bank, Synovus Bank, and Deutsche Bank. The extra support it receives ensures people who use the TransFirst system can stay functional and ready for operation.

What Does TransFirst Merchant Services Provide?

People who use the TransFirst Merchant Services platform will find many points to help them with their transaction processing and managing needs. TransFirst starts by providing direct processing functions, meaning it can manage your merchant account while also processing your transactions. It is easier to manage account freezes and chargebacks thanks to this point.

TransFirst also provides credit card terminals to its customers. These are EMV-compliant models, with some of them supporting NFC-based payment solutions. A tablet-based point of sale or POS system is also available for an extra monthly fee.

You could also get a customized fee that works based on what you plan on using. You can report your needs and demands for services, and TransFirst will identify a rate for your work needs. The company does not incorporate any account setup or application fees for work.

What People Are Saying About TransFirst

People who have been using the TransFirst system have been reporting on how the company responds well to queries. The group’s equipment is easy to use and provides enough help for all the unique work needs people hold. The team is also specific on what people could expect to spend on the services they will use.

The most substantial concern people have about TransFirst is that it has a three-year term on its merchant account contracts, while keeps people from being flexible over what they can utilize. Also, people are unhappy about how some of the rates TransFirst provides are higher than what others might provide. While the company is flexible and only charges for what people wish to utilize, the high rates for some people can be frustrating.

People also wish that TransFirst would provide more outright terminal sales. While the company does offer leases for many pieces of equipment, some people report that a few of the products available for leasing could have been easier to afford if they bought these items outright.

Customer Service Points For TransFirst

TransFirst does provide a helpful customer service interface for all customers. It has American-based customer service representatives available twenty-four hours a day. The company also has an email communication system, but it does not have any live chat features on its website.

Is There Another Solution?

While TransFirst Merchant Services provide many things for businesses that need help processing payments, there is another useful choice for people to review. Host Merchant Services also provides processing support, but it also has features that are better than what TransFirst offers to its clients.

Host Merchant Services provides a more predictable pricing interface. While TransFirst has rates that can drastically change, HMS uses the same terms for all clients. You can manage processing functions with rates based on the interchange and a specific percentage and total for each transaction. Retail stores can process items with a rate based on the interchange and 0.25% of the transaction and $0.10 on top of that total, for example.

HMs can also handle various accounts for many needs, including nonprofits and high-risk accounts. It also manages offshore clients through many international acquiring partners, providing extra control over your work experience. You can even ask HMS to reprogram any existing terminals you have if you prefer to use whatever equipment you hold at your property.

HMS does not charge any termination fees for ending services. HMS also focuses on a monthly approach to paying for services with no long-term contracts in the process. But TransFirst will require people to enter a three-year contract with an early termination fee of $250 to $500 depending on the platform you use.

The lease terms that HMS has for its devices are more affordable. You can use HMS equipment for free, so long as you use the HMS system for processing content. TransFirst requires you to pay a lease for whatever you wish to use. While TransFirst has been increasingly leaning towards outright sales, they don’t offer this for all the products they offer. HMS provides a firm approach to handling the equipment you will use for managing transactions.

It’s also easy to use the HMS live chat feature. While the telephone help desk is not open twenty-four hours like it is for TransFirst, you can still use live chat to help you manage whatever calls you plan.

Consider HMS For Your Needs

It helps to look at what HMS provides if you’re going to look at a merchant services solution. TransFirst has plenty of positive points, but HMS is a more effective solution for your merchant needs. You’ll find better rates and more favorable terms with HMS, plus a better service department.

TransFirst does work well for account processing needs and can handle disputes in moments. The team is also very responsive in handling its customers. But these positives are not as strong as what you would get out of the system HMS provides to its customers.

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