What is the NMI Payment Gateway?

What is the NMI Payment Gateway?

Network Merchants Inc. or NMI provides a payment gateway for high-risk merchants who need help collecting credit card payments. NMI payment gateway provides a flexible and customizable approach to handling payment data. It also works as a virtual terminal, giving businesses the option to collect online payments. The system supports various solutions for payment collection needs, providing more control for high-risk merchants who need assistance in collecting payments.

A Protective System

High-risk merchants will need extra support in preventing dangerous transactions that might trigger chargebacks. NMI uses a protective payment system that immediately validates card transactions. It reviews card data in a network and compares it with various databases, including address info and banking data. It also reviews the value of the transaction versus other deals a business regularly collects. 

NMI provides a full analysis of whatever payments people submit to ensure everything is secure. NMI reduces the risk of chargebacks through its extensive analysis process.

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Works With Many Shopping Carts and Website Layouts

One popular part of NMI is its general flexibility. It can support whatever platform a high-risk retailer might have when collecting its payments.

The NMI payment gateway can support various shopping carts. These include the 3dcart, Magento, osCommerce, Limelight, and InfusionSoft carts and software platforms.

NMI can also support various CMS options that businesses use when producing their websites. These include the Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal systems. NMI promotes full flexibility when helping clients get their payment gateways up and running.

NMI has software engineers that are always finding new integration solutions for businesses to support. Businesses can contact NMI for further details on whether they can use the gateway with their current systems.

Accounting Support

NMI also works with QuickBooks integration through its SyncPay plug-in, making accounting efforts easy. The plug-in connects the customer database with one’s QuickBooks account to ensure full support and protection.

API Functionality

NMI also uses many APIs that can handle many custom integrations. NMI’s APIs can support all major programming languages, including Java and PHP. A retailer can request an API in a specific language as necessary. NMI’s customer service team will forward the request to the programming department, who will then produce a new API surrounding whatever system one wishes to plan. The layout provides full control over a business’ experience, as it is easier for the system to work in the right form.

API Functionality

Customer Vault Support

NMI uses a PCI-compliant customer vault system that stores all secure payment info in a separate encrypted space. A business can secure card numbers, shipping addresses, routing numbers, and other sensitive details in a separate virtual vault. The data can be called upon through a virtual terminal as necessary. The terminal will only access the data in the vault when the business calls upon that content.

The vault will also save customer data and reload it when the proper customer logs in and accesses one’s work later. The vault reduces checkout time and simplifies the process, encouraging customers to return to the website later.

Support For Mobile Processing

Businesses are always looking for new ways to handle mobile payments. NMI provides support for all mobile processing functions, including for handling keyed and swiped transactions on Android and Apple devices. NMI can work with any mobile collection platform and can accept digital signatures, tip data, and refunds. The system works on all major Wi-Fi and cellular networks, plus it ensures full encryption of all data while online.

Support For Mobile Processing

The iSpyFraud System

One of NMI’s most popular features is its iSpyFraud system. This rule-based transaction analysis program will block transactions that trigger any set rules. These include rules surrounding payment values, frequency, address data, and other factors. A retailer can configure the iSpyFraud system to include as many rules as one wishes. The system produces a more predictable system for handling data.

iSpyFraud includes multiple control parameters for businesses to utilize. It can ban specific users by country, username, IP address, or credit card number. It can also flag customers based on how many transactions they complete.

An exception section also works in this setup. The page lets users make exceptions for legitimate users. The business can include many users if they are safe ones people can trust. The design ensures full protection over the data without risking possible harm when managing the content.

Customer Service Support

Every high-risk retailer needs support from a thorough customer service department that understands what a business requires. NMI offers a full customer service group that will answer whatever questions businesses have at any time. The team features more than 180 experts available by phone and email to help review the gateway and technical support needs people hold.

How Can a Retailer Get an NMI Payment Gateway Ready?

NMI is available to help retailers start their gateways in less time. NMI can prepare new gateways for high-risk retailers in about 48 hours on average. The group will work with any business regardless of whatever concerns it has developed, including ones that might have experienced excess chargebacks or fraudulent issues.

NMI will review a business’ website and current shopping cart platform. It can also check how the company collects payments and what mobile systems it manages. NMI can then produce a thorough gateway interface that interacts with the current platform the retailer uses. The odds are NMI will have a solution that fits whatever needs the retailer has for operation.

The business will get access to a full control panel that includes all the security controls it needs. It can review its permissions and other rules for work through the panel. The system provides extra support for all business functions.

NMI will be a sensible solution for any high-risk retailer who needs a payment gateway it can trust. NMI will ensure a business stays safe and secure without risking possible harm in the work at hand. The flexible and unique design of the NMI system provides more control over the work one wishes to manage.

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