What is My Neighbour Alice? How Does This Decentralized Game Work?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based multiplayer builder game that’s contributing to the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The unique thing about this project is that it enables users to earn money while performing exciting activities.

Decentralized games like My Neighbour Alice have significantly improved the adoption rate of the blockchain industry because these projects have combined two popular trends of the tech industry including gaming and blockchain.

What is My Neighbour Alice?

My Neighbour Alice is a decentralized game designed on the concept of traditional games like Animal Crossing and FarmVille. This game offers a set of virtual pieces of land (Islands) where users can build/collect different items (NFTs). The players have the freedom to customize their island according to their preferred style.

The creative players can even establish an entire universe within the world of Alice. The players can purchase the pieces of land from the marketplace. They can also sell their animals, fences, and houses on this marketplace because all the in-game assets are NFTs that have a unique value.

The value of each NFT is determined based on its rarity. Alice is the native token of this platform that’s used for trading different objects. The players can also interact with other players who have established their islands in the game. They can also perform fun activities including Fishing, Farming, Bee Keeping, and Bug Catching. And they can earn rewards for performing these activities.

Brief History

Antler Interactive, and VR and mobile game development company, launched My Neighbour Alice in March 2021. The initial version was launched with some basic features allowing users to buy/trade plots, chat with other players, and visit other farms. In July 2021, developers launched new ways to earn tokens in the game.

Later on, new in-game characters, activities, and quests were introduced with DAO’s release in September 2021. NFT Auction House was launched in December 2021 allowing users to sell their virtual assets. The development team is now working on another update that will enable users to customize their avatars in different ways.

How Does My Neighbour Alice Work?

My Neighbour Alice is an open-world game where users can explore the entire world of Alice without any limitations. It’s a free-to-play game but the users need to pay the gas fee when buying/selling NFTs. The players need to buy virtual plots in this game. They can then change terrain or decorate the plot according to their style.

The users can take advantage of the “Chromia Originals” NFT protocol to build their own NFTs in the world of Alice. They can even lend their NFTs to other users to get a fixed return. The main source of earning money through this decentralized game is to sell NFTs on Alice’s marketplace or on external marketplaces like Treasureland.

The players can also participate in different quests and activities to increase their reputation within the platform because it’s an important factor used to reward the landowners in My Neighbour Alice. It also helps with increasing the value of the virtual land they own. Thus, they can sell it for a higher price compared to others.

Use Cases of Alice Token

Alice is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum’s network. It’s the native token of this platform and it can be used for certain activities. With a circulating supply of 30 million tokens, Alice has a market capitalization of$205 million. It has a maximum supply of 100 million coins that will be released over time. The Alice token can be used for activities including:

Purchase Game Items

The main use of Alice Token is to purchase virtual land and other objects within the platform.


The players can earn Alice tokens by participating in different events including quests and competitions.


Staking is a useful option for Alice holders who don’t have the time/expertise to participate in the game but still want to earn from the platform. The users can freeze their Alice tokens in a specified wallet to support the ecosystem.

They can then earn rewards for processing transactions. The users, who stake more coins, earn more rewards as compared to others. However, the rewards are distributed among all the users who have staked their Alice tokens.


The Alice Token Holders have the right to give their opinion about decisions related to the growth of the project. Similarly, they can give new ideas about the future growth of the platform.

What Makes My Neighbour Alice Unique?

The unique thing about My Neighbour Alice is that it offers decentralization in a true sense allowing users to explore as many aspects of the gaming universe as they want. The lending system is also a distinctive feature of this game that enables users to borrow NFTs from others if they can’t afford them.

Most importantly, this platform ensures that the users can get some money in return if they don’t want to hold their NFTs anymore. The system keeps a percentage of the purchase amount as collateral whenever someone purchases an NFT on this platform. The holder can get that collateral amount as a refund if he/she doesn’t want to hold the NFT anymore.


My Neighbour Alice is a block-chain based game that brings a unique experience for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. It’s a free-to-play game where users can earn money by participating in different quests and competitions. We’ve shared information about how this decentralized game work and how players can earn money from the game. If there are any questions about this game, feel free to contact us.

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