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Business professionals today must find an effective way to improve financial management, and Host Merchant Services offers the ideal solution through USA ePay. This is a solution that is designed to be an efficient, cost-effective payment gateway that offers numerous benefits to businesses through its innovative features. With a closer look at what USAePay has to offer, you may determine that this is the payment gateway that can benefit your business most fully.

QuickBooks Merchant Services

The USA ePay solution available to you through Host Merchant Services is compatible for use with QuickBooks. Its QuickBooks merchant services is designed to fully integrate credit card payments and other related transactions with your QuickBooks accounting. Furthermore, there is a PayGuard feature that eliminates the need to keep sensitive data such as credit card account numbers stored in your accounting software.

Virtual Terminal

Through USA ePay, businesses will also benefit from access to various merchant services online. The innovative Merchant Console available through this payment gateway allows businesses to process sales, authorize credit card payments, void sales and more. Furthermore, these functions can be used in conjunction with other helpful features such as various detailed reports and charts for analytical purposes, a user-friendly billing database for auto-billing functions and automated batch uploading.

Fraud Prevention

With financial processes related to making or receiving payments, there is often a concern about fraud and theft. The USAePay solution available through Host Merchant Services includes several fraud prevention features for the benefit of businesses and their customers. For example, when this solution is being used for credit card processing, the gateway will verify that the payer’s street address and zip code match the data on file with the credit card company. As an additional security feature, the three digit card ID on the back of the physical credit card will also be matched. Optional modules are available for businesses to use for additional security, and these may block specific IP addresses, block specific customers if multiple attempts with different credit cards are declined and more.

The fact is that some merchant services available to businesses today offer limited functions, and it may be necessary for businesses using these solutions to combine multiple services together to meet their unique needs. However, through this solution, businesses can benefit from access to a full range of thoughtful and fully functional features. Features related to QuickBooks merchant services, virtual terminal services and fraud prevention services are available through this solution. If you have been looking for the right payment gateway to use for your business’s specific needs, take a closer look at what the USAePay solution available through Host Merchant Services has to offer.

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