The Five Most Common Methods of Credit Card Processing For Restaurants

Restaurants can afford to utilize multiple credit card processing methods. You can utilize various devices to collect card payments from all your customers. These include devices that can support the five most common methods for how you will process card transactions. Here’s a look at the five options for credit card processing for restaurants you’ll come across each day.

  1. Manual

A manual entry is one option to consider. With a manual entry, your server will enter the customer’s credit card number into a terminal. The process can work with standalone or mobile processing devices.

The process is useful, but there is always the risk that a server might enter the wrong data by accident. The process also requires someone to enter a card verification number, which increases the potential payment processing charge.

  1. Swipe

A customer can also manually swipe a card in a terminal and then sign a receipt. The process is less expensive than a keyed-in manual transaction, as the swiping process will automatically identify card verification data embedded in the magnetic stripe.

  1. EMV

Another method of credit card processing for restaurants entails the customer inserting an EMV chip-based card into a terminal. The customer can insert the card into the device and then sign a pad or enter a PIN. The chip produces an encrypted transaction that secures the customer’s data. People are using EMV cards more than stripe-based ones because of how easy it is to use them.

  1. Tap

The customer can also tap one’s EMV card on a terminal to read one’s data. The card uses a wireless signal to identify the chip’s data. The process is contact-free and doesn’t require a PIN or signature in most cases.

Not all cards will offer this feature. You can identify a card that someone can tap by looking for a symbol displaying a wireless signal. The user can wave the card over the designated surface to utilize this feature.

This payment option is especially popular among restaurant operators. You can collect card payments without having to handle someone’s card. Considering how someone’s hands might be dirty from all that eating, using a contactless payment option can be a worthwhile choice.

  1. Digital Payment

You can add support for digital payments to help you collect funds from your customers in moments. Options like Google Pay and Apple Pay are popular for working with many cards. This option is another contactless solution that works well.

A customer can use one’s mobile device to send a signal to a processing system to pay for something. The device will include data on one’s credit card. The process provides a convenient and secure approach to work, plus it includes enough data to confirm the user’s identity. The process doesn’t cost anything extra for you to utilize, plus it can be popular among many people for how convenient it can become.

You can accept all these options when accepting credit card payments at your restaurant. Credit card processing for restaurants has never been easier to handle than it is now.

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