Hypercom T4220

The Equinox / Hypercom T4220 Terminal Features

Merchant terminals have come a long way since the days of the bulky, monochrome models. Today’s retail terminals are compact, versatile, and secure for high-end transactions. Equinox, formerly known as Hypercom, terminals have led the way for decades.

The Equinox/Hypercom T4220 is one of the most hard-working and secure retail credit card processing terminals on the market. Measuring eight inches long and a little more than three and a half inches wide, the 4220 weighs a measly one pound. Merchant services on the device include high IP transaction and download speeds, complete and compatible security for standard point-to-point encryption schemas, programmable navigation keys, and Equinox Payments’ easy to use interface.

T4220 Equnix Hypercom

The exterior of the T4220 is stylish as well as highly functional. It begins with Equinox’s SureLoad clamshell printer design that allows for quick installation of thermal receipt rolls and graphics-capable options to print company logos or QR codes. A white, backlit LED display provides both customers and associates with a clearer view of transactions while the embedded card reader helps move the end of the sale forward with bidirectional swiping. The T4220 can be connected with check imagers or additional PIN pads.

Inside, the Equinox/Hypercom T4220 exudes power. The 32-bit ARM9 processor, one of the most popular and versatile products on the market, is the first layer of the product’s technological strength. Added on top are 16MB of SDRAM and 8MB of flash memory. An internal 33.6 kbps modem and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet allow for lightning fast transmission speeds for outgoing requests and incoming approvals.

Security is a primary concern for Equinox Payments, and the T4220 is prepared to take on the challenge. PCI PTS approved, the 4220 boasts the trademarked Equinox Secure Architecture that protects against any unauthorized application uploads. In addition, the terminal is compatible with all encryption methods, including Triple DES ANSI methods and key management methods like DUKPT and Triple DES master/session keys.

The Equinox T4220 is Interac certified, compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Devices Directive, and approved by MasterCard PTSP. A standard one-year manufacturer warranty comes with the merchant terminal with additional options offered.

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