A Teens Guide to Money and Finance, Part 2


To help teens and young adults become educated in finances, we have provided helpful resources:

  • Financial Literacy – information for teens and adults on how to be more financially aware.
  • Financial Literacy for Teens – helpful resource providing information on finances for teens.
  • Money Management for Kids and Teens – resources and tools to provide information to teach kids and teens about money.
  • Financial Education Tool Kit – useful site providing information and resources to teach finances.
  • Teen Financial Literacy – informative website providing information on a number of financial topics.
  • Teaching About Finances – activities and other information aimed at teaching teens and children about different aspects of finances.
  • Teen Jobs – resourceful site providing listings of available jobs and internships available for teenagers.
  • Teens and Employment – helpful article providing information and facts on jobs that are available for teens.
  • Summer Jobs for Teens – helpful website providing tips on how teens can secure a job over summer vacations.
  • Should Teens Work – useful page covering a number of teen financial topics including whether they should get a job.
  • Teens Working – informative article providing data on deciding if a job is right for a teen based on certain circumstances and what should go into decision.
  • Consumer Tips for Teens – information and facts for teenagers providing helpful information on credit cards and other important financial aspects.
  • Teens and Credit Card Debt – insightful article outlining how credit card companies sucker teens and college aged students into credit card debt.
  • Money Matters – information written for girls, but is also practical for boys, on how to be financial wise.
  • Teen Scams – helpful information for teens providing help on not being a scam victim.
  • Safety Tips for Teens – suggestions and ideas on how to be safe online and elsewhere.
  • Children and Money – document providing information on the spending habits of teens and children.
  • Money Management for Teens – article providing suggested tactics for money management for teenagers.
  • Teen Excessive Spending – article outlining the factors that are involved in excessive spending for teens.
  • Teen Spending Plan – useful article providing ideas on saving and practical spending.
  • Allowance and Budgeting for Teens – spending suggestions and how to help teens budget for now and the future.
  • Money Talk – helpful advice for parents to converse with teens about money and finances.
  • Budget for Teens – information on budgeting for teenagers and parents.
  • Teen Money Links – resources and links for teens about finances and money.
  • Money Management for Kids and Teens – helpful information on a variety of money management topics for teens.
  • Financial Literacy – helpful skills for teens and children to learn about finances.
  • Kids Financial Websites – resources aimed at kids and teens providing financial knowledge.
  • Financial Literacy Resources – financial education resources aimed at students between Kindergarten and 12th Grade.
  • Resources for Teachers – collection of financial education resources for teachers to provide information to students.
  • Jumpstart – national initiative to educate students about all matters relating to finances.

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