Should Teens and College Students Have Credit Cards, Part 2

After High School

Should teens have credit cards?

After your child graduates high school, it is common for the parents to yield to his or her desire for complete independence. While there is certainly a benefit to increased independence, both parent and child soon realize that graduating high school does not always mean much in terms of life lessons learned. For this reason, it might be best to take an active role in helping your child choose a credit card. This credit card should have a low limit (500 dollars should be fine) and a low interest rate. If you can find it, a card with no annual fee is also ideal. If your child (who is now, technically, an adult) allows it, also consider signing up for a joint credit card. This can be a sticky situation, but usually an agreement that you will only pay attention to the balance and ignore or make no judgments on the types of purchases made unless the balance exceeds an agreed upon amount will work.

Finally, a family “emergency card” is also an excellent idea. This card would be tucked away, not to be used except in the case of emergency. This is perfect because it not only teaches responsibility, but restraint.

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